Webinar - Multi-Vendor GPON Activation: Symphonica SaaS - Intraway

Multi-Vendor GPON Activation: Symphonica SaaS

Why is GPON SaaS the best option?

During this 40-minute webinar, we will discuss the challenges that GPON activation presents and how to solve them quickly and efficiently with a Cloud-Native SaaS solution, suitable for operators looking to:

  • Streamline service activation processes without investing in complex infrastructure
  • Increase the ability to deploy new services and products
  • Improve customer experience

In addition, we will have a short demo to visualize Symphonica’s graphic interface and the entire process of activating an ONT, including the flow (BPM) executed and the advantages that the mobile application (Android) offers to the installer.

Everything CSPs need to know about enabling GPON services and adopting SaaS solutions.

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