Vision 2020 Webinar - Intraway

From Automation To Autonomy - The Future of Network Operations

Steve Marsh

North America CTO

If you are responsible for implementing game-changing next steps, network management, or how to capitalize on new technologies, you don't want to miss this webinar!

Steve Marsh, Intraway’s North America CTO, will share his insights on Intraway’s Vision for 2020 and Beyond, including key points on the future of telecommunications and insightful recommendations for operators facing the digital transformation.

In our From Automation To Autonomy – The Future of Network Operations webinar, Marsh will discuss:

  • Behavioral tendencies transforming the industry, such as connectivity and mobility, OTT experience and customer relationship transformation, among others.
  • Technologies with massive potential impact, such as 5G and edge computing, cloud and virtualization, and artificial intelligence.
  • How operators can build an ecosystem to succeed by developing virtual platforms, combine artificial intelligence with real-time orchestration and reduce the cost of wireless connectivity.
  • Finally, he will present the four elements that will transform network operations in the next few years. These include SLA-based and consumer-centric dynamic provisioning, AI-based operations and self-driving networks, eSIM, and B2B opportunities.