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Network Operations: From Automation to Autonomy

An outlook on the telecom industry’s transformation from now to 2020 and beyond.

Lucas Lodeiro

CTO Intraway

The Future is Exciting: Is Your Network Ready?

In this eBook, Lucas Lodeiro, Intraway’s CTO explores key concepts and technologies that will shape and transform the telecommunications industry by 2020 and beyond:
  • Behavioral trends transforming the industry such as seamless connectivity and mobility, OTT, immersive experiences and customer intimacy.

  • Technologies with exponential impact such as 5G and edge computing, cloud and virtualization and AI.

  • Three “no regret” moves for success. These include building virtual platforms, combining the latest AI-based technology with real-time orchestration capabilities, and lowering the cost of providing seamless ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

  • Finally, Lodeiro presents four important elements that will transform network operations by 2020 and beyond. These include: SLA-based and consumer-centric dynamic provisioning, eSIM, AI-based operations and self-driving networks, and B2B business opportunities.

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