Virtual & Physical Cable Infrastructure Management

Intraway’s Symphonica Orchestration Platform

Intraway’s standards-based orchestration platform and APIs enable end-to-end automation, blending legacy systems with newer ones without disrupting services to customers and facilitating interoperability. Symphonica allows seamless multi-vendor environments by automating end-to-end provisioning and business process management of network elements, certifies installation quality and integrates with field management apps.

Cable operators can implement Symphonica’s Virtual & Physical Cable Infrastructure Management use case to their operations to support multi-level orchestration of network elements over a virtual network infrastructure as well as a physical infrastructure (physical CCAP).

Virtual & Physical Cable Infrastructure Management

With Symphonica, the possibilities are endless. In addition to vCCAP and Remote Phy orchestration, operators can also:

  • vCCAP onboarding, CCAP configuration, and RPD configuration with netconf
  • Configuration by DHCP of an RPD to point to one or more CCAP Cores
  • Enable RPD authentication using Radius
  • Develop a CCAP and RPD inventory
  • Maintain CCAP and RPD configuration templates to reuse when deploying additional CCAPs
  • Generate a specific IP configuration in the CCAP for the RPDs IP addressing
  • Automate the RPD installation process with Intraway’s Field Technician App, TWizard

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vCCAP & Remote PHY PoC Ecosystem

Intraway and Casa Systems’ collaborative working proof of concept facilitates multi-level orchestration of virtual Converged Cable Access Platform (vCCAP) and Remote PHY over a virtual network infrastructure, solving one of the cable industry’s biggest challenges – interoperability.


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