Virtual & Physical Cable Infrastructure Management

Intraway’s Symphonica Orchestration Platform

Cable operators can implement Symphonica’s Infrastructure Management use case to their operations to support multi-level orchestration of network elements over a virtual network infrastructure as well as a physical infrastructure.

Multi-vendor Support - No vendor lock-in between CMTS and RPD vendors

Multi-vendor Support - No vendor lock-in between CMTS and RPD vendors


RPD Deployment Preparation & Planning


End-to-end of the fulfillment process of RPDs, the CIN, and the CCAP cores

With Symphonica, the possibilities are endless:

  • Service orders related to the fulfillment are managed by a No-Code multi-service orchestrator.
  • An active inventory of the implemented elements.
  • Interaction with operational tools of the MSO for functionalities such as firmware management to ensure healthy operations.
  • Enables bottom-up provisioning, including validation of installation parameters and generation of a birth certificate for the RPDs.
  • Access to monitoring and telemetry data to external platforms via standard APIs.
  • Monitoring and telemetry capabilities for RPD events to trigger maintenance or dynamic changes in the network.
  • Supports design-time and run-time to the Engineering group during migration to DAA.
  • Rule engine to find the best fit for the RPDs being provisioned according to the resources available in the CCAP and based on the defined limitations.

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