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Small Cell Deployment

Automation and standardization of small cells provisioning ensures the quality and speeds up deployment.

While 5G deployments are gaining major momentum worldwide, there continues to be a strong need for network densification through additional small cells. In addition, more distributed edge nodes are essential as a way to enhance 5G coverage and optimize overall TCO for operators. The introduction of the cells, in particular, has posed additional challenges in site acquisition/rental, energy cost, time to deploy, speed to activate, and service orchestration.

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What is 5G Network Slicing?

Network slicing is one of the most complex features of 5G technology to implement. Application subsystems assign a dedicated slice of the mobile network – with guaranteed bandwidth, low latency and availability – customized to the specific needs of a customer’s use case.

Network slicing allocates network resources to provision and activate services supporting different traffic types and applications, enabling network operators to provide specific characteristics a particular client requires.

A Cloud-Native, Pre-Integrated BSS & OSS Stack For 5G Network Slicing

Together with our partners, Symphonica, Intraway’s no-code cloud-native service provisioning and orchestration solution, demonstrates how to easily support the launch of 5G B2B services with fast time-to-market, low TCO (SaaS), and integration with third-party legacy systems through high flexibility and agility.

Intraway’s Symphonica for Mobile

Symphonica simplifies the creation of 5G intelligent networks by managing the network slicing capabilities to provide flexibility to customer requirements.

Providing end-to-end orchestration, Symphonica abstracts service complexity to the business layer by integrating, not only to the 5G network elements of the core, transport and edge but also with all the platforms required to provide services on top of the network slices capabilities.

Symphonica enables multiple services for end-users and Mobile Virtual Network Operator capabilities.

With Intraway’s Symphonica for Mobile, you can get: 

  • A digital-first and cloud-native solution ready
  • Native support for services and resource functions that model 5G entities in cross-domain and specific networks
  • Support for new products and services based on network slicing

5G Small Cell Provisioning

Here are some of the benefits of automating small cells provisioning in 5G:

  • Automation and standardization of the provisioning of the cells ensure the quality (reducing the manual turn-up/activation issues considerably) and speed up the deployment.
  • Automated orchestration and configuration of the virtualized infrastructure and network elements provide network elasticity, expanded coverage and enhance QoE at a lower cost.
  • By reducing the dependency on specialized hardware, operators can also expect to lower Capex and Opex expenses while they speed up service delivery, allowing scalability on demand and responding to the network conditions and user needs in real-time, opening the way for 5G and dynamic services.

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Small Cells Deployment

Small Cells Deployment

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