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Transform Your GPON Network with Intraway’s All-in-One Solution

Streamline Operations, Enhance Network Efficiency, and Accelerate Service Delivery with Our Comprehensive GPON OSS Stack.

Discover how Intraway revolutionizes GPON networks with a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-native suite of services tailored for CSPs. Our solutions—from activation and monitoring to customer engagement and network management—are designed to elevate broadband experiences while maximizing operational efficiency

Intraway's GPON Ecosystem

Comprehensive OSS Stack Tailored to CSP’s Needs

Intraway provides a complete OSS stack for GPON networks with the main Symphonica OSS solution and additional optional modules. Operators have the flexibility to contract the entire ecosystem or select specific components based on their unique needs. Whether you require a comprehensive suite or individual solutions, Intraway tailors its offerings to meet your operational requirements.

GPON-in-a-BOX is an ecosystem of various components, all orchestrated by Symphonica and powered by Intraway.






GPON Activation

Using Symphonica, a holistic state-of-the-art OSS, to achieve GPON service activation, service providers can reduce the time, cost, and complexity of deploying new services while improving their networks’ quality and reliability.

Symphonica’s approach to GPON service activation

  • Cloud-native solution: Kubernetes deployment to provide automated scalability.
  • No-code process automation: Easily design, configure,  deploy, and test interfaces with network devices using different protocol.
  • Multi-vendor interoperability: Pre-built and ready-to-deploy provisioning and monitoring workflows and off-the-shelf connectors.
  • First-time right service installations: Simplify & certify field tech installations with  Symphonica’s bottom-up provisioning approach.
  • Simplify integration with B/OSS systems: Deploy APIs required to integrate with third-party systems based on an interoperability standard.
  • AI-Powered Symphonica Copilot: Streamline the analysis of logs, optimize workflows and improve telecom processes in an unprecedented manner.

GPON Monitoring

Intraway provides a comprehensive GPON activation and monitoring solution, featuring:

  • OLT Monitoring Dashboard: Real-time operational KPIs to monitor the performance and status of Optical Line Terminals (OLTs).
  • Multi-Vendor Support: Built on an open-source software foundation, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.
  • Cloud-Native Deployment: Designed for deployment in cloud environments, enhancing scalability and reliability.

GPON Captive Portal

Intraway’s Captive Portal enhances customer communication through:

  • Personalized Web Portals: Deliver targeted, meaningful information directly to customers via a web portal.
  • Customized Messaging: Send personalized messages, improving customer engagement and service transparency.
  • Improved Billing Collection: Enhance payment reminders and notifications to reduce unpaid balances, directly improving cash flow.
  • Enhanced Cash Flow: Streamline communications related to billing and payments, ensuring a steady and predictable cash inflow.
  • Reduced Churn: Proactively address customer concerns and offer promotions or service upgrades to retain customers and reduce churn.
  • Promotional Communications: Effectively communicate operator promotions and special offers, increasing customer engagement and potential upsell opportunities.

GPON Extensions

Intraway offers a centralized GPON DHCP management portal that provides:

  • Policy and Rule Management: Simplifies the configuration of DHCP settings through a centralized portal.
  • Enhanced Configuration: Streamlines the process of configuring DHCP servers, ensuring consistent network performance.

Optional Components

Enhance business agility and elevate customer satisfaction, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced expenses.

  • KEA DHCP/DNS & GenieACS: Open-source tools enriched with Intraway-developed modules to fully support your operational needs.
  • CSR Portal: A web portal tool for your post-sales representatives.
  • Netbox Inventory: Keep all your physical and digital assets in a central repository.
  • Tech Assist Application: Android/iOS tool designed to facilitate activation activities for your field technicians.


Boost business agility and customer satisfaction while improving OpEx.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Maximized Reliability

Reduce YOY Operation

Enhanced Customer Experience

Competitive Advantage


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FAQs about GPON Technology

What is a GPON ecosystem?

The GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) ecosystem represents a cornerstone in modern telecommunications, enabling high-speed data transmission over fiber optic networks. This technology supports a robust and scalable infrastructure, meeting the increasing demand for high bandwidth from both residential and commercial customers. Operators can leverage GPON to deliver enhanced broadband services, support HD and 4K video streaming, provide high-speed internet access, and facilitate seamless connectivity for smart home devices and enterprise networks.

What are the advantages of GPON?

  • High-Speed Broadband: It provides significantly higher bandwidth compared to traditional broadband solutions.
  • Energy-Efficient: GPON networks consume less power, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Cost-Effective: The use of passive splitters reduces operational costs.

What is the difference between OLT and ONT?

In essence, the difference between OLT and ONT defines the heart of a PON network. While the OLT centrally manages network-wide traffic, facilitating bidirectional data exchange, the ONT, located at user premises, serves as a crucial link, transforming optical signals into electrical signals for individual devices.

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