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Internet of Things

Exploring the Importance of Provisioning, Service Activation and Orchestration Solutions for Efficient IoT Device and Service Management

What is IoT?

IoT refers to the management and coordination of connected devices and systems, with the goal of automating and optimizing the exchange of data and commands between devices. IoT orchestration involves coordinating and managing the interactions between IoT devices, applications, and cloud-based services to ensure seamless communication and efficient operation of the IoT system. This includes tasks such as device discovery, configuration, communication, and management, as well as the handling of data and events generated by the connected devices.

The Need for Automated Provisioning, Activation, and Orchestration

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is maturing as a broader range of players adopt IoT-based solutions. These players are advancing everything from smart building automation and environment, social, and governance (ESG) applications to solutions for automating factories, mines, and oil refineries to field service automation for fixing those IoT networks when things don’t go right.

As the IoT market expands, the need to automate provisioning, activation and orchestration is becoming more critical. Providers need to reduce the cost of implementation, accelerate the time to market for services, and make it easier to deliver complete IoT solutions from physical devices to customer applications. And they need zero downtime, which makes automated recovery of service necessary too.

Intraway Symphonica provides the one platform to deliver any IoT service to any device over any network. Our no-code platform automates all phases of the IoT device and service lifecycle. It supports small or massive deployments with a single console, providing managers a platform to define and automate processes and technicians with the tools to get their job done fast and accurately. 

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