Symphonica Customer Stories

Discover the Success Stories of Symphonica: How CSPs are Accelerating Service Launches and Scaling Operations

Discover how Symphonica empowers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to accelerate service launches and scale operations. With cloud-native automation, reliable and agile architecture, and rapid problem-solving capabilities, Symphonica has enabled CSPs to achieve nationwide digital transformations, efficiently manage N-Play services over physical and virtual networks, and quickly address business requirements with an innovative approach. Join the success stories of CSPs who have harnessed the power of Symphonica to streamline operations, adapt to market changes, and achieve business success.

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Symphonica manages N-Play services over physical and virtual networks

By implementing Symphonica, we enabled a nationwide digital transformation, managing N-Play services over physical and virtual networks. We have proven that the architecture we chose with Intraway is reliable and provides the agility we need.…
Israel Madiedo
Innovation and Technology Director izzi Telecom
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Using Symphonica to Improve Efficiency and Speed Up the Integration of New Services

We chose Symphonica because it allows us to focus on our business while we use their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to deploy our service activation processes. With Symphonica, we automate all our provisioning processes which allow…
Rodrigo Mauricio Aliaga Prado
Director Digital TV Cable
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Facilitating multi-country operations for passive and active FTTH service providers with Symphonica SaaS

THE CHALLENGE: Automate Network Configurations Current NaaS OSS LimitationsSymphonica ApproachManual Network ConfigurationAutomation of Provisioning Process In a Saas Model Limited Operational Model OfferingsFaster Process Modeling (No-Code Design) Rigid OSS (customizations…
Maximiliano Reggio
Engineering and Network Development Manager LATAM UFINET