Activate any Service, from any Technology across any Network, from a Single Point

Ready-to-Deploy Service Activation Package

Symphonica provides a comprehensive suite of service activation packages that help service providers quickly launch new services or roll out new network technology. Symphonica quick-launch packages include pre-configured activation flows and network connectors that are designed based on industry best practices.

Symphonica’s featured list of quick-launch packages includes:


Fiber Access (EPON, GPON, DPoE)


Metro-Ethernet & IP-VPN


Multi-Screen TV


SDN-NFV Orchestration


IoT Self-Management



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Open Architecture

Provides a service-oriented environment that allows B/OSS Systems and Self-Care Applications to easily interact with network infrastructure in an effective, decoupled, secure, and auditable manner. The platform exposes a single interface to northbound systems that abstracts complex southbound network protocols.

The platform is built using well-established technology like web services, a BPM-based workflow engine, messaging queues and highly performant frameworks. It relies on standard hardware and software components with load balancing and failover support on all system components.

Design Complex Services

Craft complex services across multiple technologies using a visual editor, effectively reducing deployment time to a matter of days, or even mere hours. The component library and the drag-and-drop environment speed up development and make processes easy to reuse and maintain.

In contrast to legacy systems that use complex proprietary languages, the platform uses BPMN v2 open notation to model fulfillment workflows.What you see is what you get! No coding skills are required to design and deploy new services. The platform enables hot deployment of workflows, with no down time to rollout.

Connect Any Platform

Easily design, configure, deploy, and test connectors on external systems with multiple protocols, optimizing time and minimizing risk to software development and update processes. Most of the telecommunications management protocols – including HTTP, SNMP, TL1, Telnet, SSH, LDAP, SQL, NETCONF – are natively supported.

Industry-unique & domain-specific language allows for the creation of new connectors without requiring any coding skills. Configure new connectors with new platforms in a matter of hours, or use our extensive catalog of off-the-shelf connectors that are available to reuse established industry best practices and accelerate new technology rollouts.

You focus on business logic configuration. The platform handles overall transaction management for you, including performance, rate-limiting, prioritized queuing, connection management and SLA enforcement.

Take Control

Configure, manage, and monitor activation processes with a comprehensive set of web applications that are designed to fulfill the requirements of all the users involved.

Trace transaction processing end-to-end, from northbound orders to low-level commands sent to the southbound platforms.

Visualize statistics, transaction performance alarms and queue status in real time.

Manage subscribers’ configurations and fall-out processes.

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Control of Service Orchestration, Activation and Management