Accelerate New Service Launches With Cloud-native Automation

Symphonica manages N-Play services over physical and virtual networks


By implementing Symphonica, we enabled a nationwide digital transformation, managing N-Play services over physical and virtual networks. We have proven that the architecture we chose with Intraway is reliable and provides the agility we need. Sometimes we have needed certain things and within one day we have had the solutions.

Israel Madiedo
Innovation and Technology Director izzi Telecom

THE CHALLENGE: 3 Play Services


Fast and Seamless Deployment / Integration

Convergent for Legacy and Next-generation Services

Multi-vendor Support

Reliable for all the Current and Future Challenges

Key benefits of IZZI’s move to a simplified cloud-native architecture.

Delivers functionality in weeks instead of months. Enables digital, omnichannel experiences and continuous new fast-to-market offerings


Expected time-to-market reduction for new services and features.


Expected reduction in order fall-out-rates


Anticipated more efficient tele-sales and handling of customers’ changes to services

Up to 0%

Savings in cost of ownership

Symphonica: Enabling Nation-Wide Digital Transformation

Cloud-native automation accelerates service launches and helps businesses adapt to changing market needs.

The chosen architecture with Intraway is reliable and agile, providing the flexibility needed to meet business requirements.

Cloud-native automation enables rapid problem-solving, allowing businesses to quickly and efficiently address issues and improve overall performance.

Symphonica has enabled a nationwide digital transformation, managing N-Play services over physical and virtual networks.

The architecture implemented with Intraway has proven to be reliable and agile, providing solutions to business needs within a day.

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Intraway Symphonica: Accelerating new service launches with cloud-native automation

Mexico’s izzi Telecom is pursuing an aggressive growth and expansion strategy. The Communications Service Provider (CSP) delivers high speed Internet, digital television, and voice services to consumers and businesses in Mexico.