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Reduce Wi-Fi Customer Service Spend

Play for the win-win with Residential Gateway Manager.

How much is your operation spending on unnecessary Wi-Fi related service calls?

Residential Gateway Manager offers a simple interface that empowers customers with remote and self-management Wi-Fi tools. Operators can analyze Wi-Fi devices parameters to diagnose issues and keep everything running smoothly.


OPEX Reduction


Empower Customer Loyalty With Self-Service Capabilities


AHT Reduction in the CSR

Solution Highlights

Service-Based Architecture

Seamless Process

1. The customer logs into the self-care portal or mobile app and selects the desired operation (i.e.: Change the
Wi-Fi password)

2. The self-care portal (mediator) sends the requirement to Intraway’s platform through the API.

3. Intraway sends the SNMP commands to execute the configuration, notifying the user through API.

Residential Gateway Manager Features


Self-Management on MSO Apps


On-demand & Recurring Wi-Fi Scanning


Value-added Functionalities With The Same App


Quickly Homologation