Intraway Shortlisted in Global Telecoms Awards 2020 - Intraway

Intraway Shortlisted in Global Telecoms Awards 2020

Intraway’s Symphonica was shortlisted in two categories: BSS/OSS Transformation Excellence and Most Innovative Cloud Technology.

Miami, Florida – October 14, 2020 – Intraway, a leading telecommunications software provider in North and South America, was shortlisted for two awards at this year’s GLOTEL in the BSS/OSS Transformation Excellence and Most Innovative Cloud Technology categories for Symphonica, its codeless provisioning automation engine. 

The 8th annual Global Telecoms Awards, organized by, recognize innovation and excellence from any company involved in advancing and transforming today’s telecoms industry.

Every year the categories are updated to reflect the latest market trends and ensure they do justice to our increasingly diverse industry. This year features 21 categories, of which 10 are new, allowing the recognition of all parts of the value chain, including communication service providers, vendors, solutions providers, and consultancies.

Intraway was shortlisted in two categories:

BSS/OSS Transformation Excellence

Intraway’s Symphonica platform is a cloud-native, codeless, automation, orchestration, and service activation engine. CSPs can leave behind their silo-structured B/OSS approach and implement a centralized solution to automate the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains without investing in time-consuming and budget-heavy projects, reducing operational costs and speeding up time-to-market. They can also simplify IT and network operations by moving to a managed, codeless, cloud-native solution. 

This year, we evolved Symphonica by taking it to the cloud to offer a more flexible and agile platform to support CSPs’ digitalization efforts. Leveraging AWS, CSPs can quickly launch any service across multiple networks and be prepared for next-gen technologies like 5G, IoT, and SD-WAN. Symphonica is designed-based on microservices and Open APIs; it’s aligned with TM Forum and MEF standards and is deployed on containers managed by Kubernetes, allowing the platform to scale vertically and horizontally according to the requirements of the business. 

Most Innovative Cloud Technology

As a cloud-native solution application, we received the Well-Architected Framework verification from Amazon. That means that our application takes full advantage of the cloud environment. Our application was fully redesigned for new cloud paradigms and is fully provisioned over existing Anything as a Service (XaaS) services.

The Symphonica Software as a Service (SaaS) solution will enable our customers to consider a complete application landscape migration to cloud or SaaS. By moving this complex and critical application for service orchestration and activation to the Cloud, our solution encapsulates all communication complexity to the network.  

This year’s GLOTEL Awards winners will be announced during a special online ceremony on November 6. The spotlight will be on the key players’ wide-ranging achievements within this most vibrant of industries.

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About Intraway

Intraway has radically simplified Telecom OSS

With over 40 million subscribers successfully served in more than 20 countries over three continents, Intraway specializes in driving fixed line and wireless operators’ Digital Transformation projects with a 100% success rate. Supported by a staff that clients claim is a natural extension of their team, Intraway supports “Telco Cloud” initiatives for operators looking to reduce OpEx and migrate BSS/OSS functions to the Cloud.

Their globally deployed, award-winning Business Process and Service Orchestration platform, Symphonica, is a no-code, cloud-native, telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for automating the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains. Whether Communications Service Providers (CSPs) want to increase agility through automation, modernize their operations or embrace digital transformation, Symphonica has them covered.