Intraway and BioScience to showcase Virtual Nurse and other mHealth solutions during Mobile World Congress 2015

Virtual Nurse is an innovative solution that combines software and hardware to provide a complete monitoring and remote health assistance tool. It features vital sign measurements, medicine reminders, and alerts in case of a sudden change in vital signs or even falls, using an Android smartwatch

Barcelona, Spain, March 4, 2015.- Intraway Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for operations and business support (OSS/BSS) for telecommunications operators and service providers, and BioScience Medical, a developer and manufacturer of medical devices and technology, will launch Virtual Nurse, a joint solution for remote monitoring of outpatients, the elderly, and anyone with health risks, during Mobile World Congress 2015. They will also display their mHealth system for metropolitan Health Stations, and Health Spots, a solution for companies and organizations that promotes health checks for employees, customers and others.

The Virtual Nurse solution is composed of a smartwatch that centralizes the patient or user’s diagnosis information and sends data to the middleware over GSM mobile telephone networks. Thus, the software system monitors patients and their vital signs, providing information to their families, doctors or emergency services at all times. Virtual Nurse also allows setting threshold values and configuring actions to be triggered by certain events, such as a rise in blood pressure or the patient’s heart rhythm, which causes an alert to be issued.

In addition, thanks to the accelerometer built into the smartwatch, falls are detected and it allows the patient to be contacted immediately on a predetermined phone number, to provide assistance in the case of immobility. It also has a panic button and reminders for medication intake, among other features. The Virtual Nurse solution is oriented both to consumers looking to provide care for their family members as well as to companies or professionals that provide health care services.

On the other hand, the Health Stations for Medical Tests solution enables a fast and low-cost deployment of public health stations in metropolitan areas, for checking vital signs. It allows information to be stored and managed in the cloud for users and medical professionals to access, and for anonymous, remote statistics to be generated that are useful for the development of public health policies. This creates a positive impact on the community. Finally, the Health Spot system is oriented towards companies and organizations wishing to establish a health check area for employees, customers and other individuals, allowing them to monitor weight and vital signs, while safeguarding the privacy of health information.

“Virtual Nurse is a solution that has enormous potential for families and people with health risks, and it is available for anyone who needs this service. The transmission of real-time information is key, because every minute counts when facing life-threatening situations. We are very excited with this system, since its features can help improve the lives of millions of people. And with the opportunity to analyze and compare information in real time, the possibilities are limitless,” said Claudio Bedoya, CEO & Founder of BioScience.

BioScience will be at booth #SU29 of the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) pavilion during Mobile World Congress in Hall 8 of Fira Montjuïc, between March 2-4.

About BioScience

BioScience is a developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art medical technology and devices. It has a full line of products, from critical diagnosis in neurology  to measurement and diagnosis of vital signs.

The company is the first manufacturer of portable and mobile medical devices in Latin America, in response to the growing trend towards telemedicine (eHealth) and mobile medicine (mHealth). For more information, please visit

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