Adding Orchestration to Multi-Vendor Networks – What Operators Should Consider

In the webinar recording, industry expert Steve Marsh shares proven recommendations and insights that every telecommunications operator should consider when adding orchestration to a multi-vendor network.

Miami, FL, USA – On Sept. 20, 2017, at 2 p.m. ET, Intraway, a leading OSS/BSS vendor in the Americas will share their proven recommendations to help operators save time, minimize project costs, and get the most value for their orchestration investment in the webinar Lessons Learned: Adding Orchestration to Multi-Vendor Networks.

For many telecom operators looking to enable their digital transformation and migration to the cloud, 5G, and LoT, orchestration is a viable solution to virtualize the network. Although orchestration is a costly, time-consuming and complex project, it can be an efficient solution to maximize the revenue potential and business agility of a network that runs on swivel chair processes and legacy systems.

“In this webinar, we will share the proven framework that we have developed from years of experience working on orchestration projects with CSPs and MSOs,” shared Steve Marsh, Intraway’s CTO for North America who will be speaking at the webinar. “We will touch upon every aspect that operators need to consider before embarking on an orchestration project – from key drivers of the project, to processes that need to be aligned, to platforms that will be touched, and how to prepare the team. Every operator that is considering adding orchestration to prepare their multi-vendor network for digital transformation should join us on September 20.”

The webinar recording is now available. To see it please click here.