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Telecom Argentina and Intraway Announce Joint Venture to Drive Open Gateway Adoption

The new technology company will support mobile operators in the end-to-end deployment of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative to drive new revenues by exposing their networks through standard APIs.

  • Roberto Nobile, CEO of Telecom Argentina, and Leandro Rzezak, CEO of Intraway, entered into the agreement, appointing Lucas Lodeiro as CTO and interim CEO of the new joint venture.
  • The new company’s objective is to become the main partner for operators, initially throughout Latin America, to accelerate network and data services monetization via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 
  • These services will allow dozens of industries and application developers to enhance their users’ experience by directly interacting with the mobile network through secure and robust APIs.

Buenos Aires, May 1, 2024 – Telecom Argentina and Intraway are proud to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish a pioneering joint digital company. This initiative is dedicated to deploying a cloud-native software solution that empowers Latin American CSPs to drive new revenues by securely and scalably enhancing the exposure and monetization of their networks. This venture is underpinned by the GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative, which represents a paradigm shift in the way the telecoms industry designs and delivers services in an API economy world.

The new company will offer the possibility of implementing the platform that Telecom and Intraway developed jointly. Aligned with the Open Gateway standard and its multi-platform spirit, it will be able to integrate seamlessly with other industry solutions. It will also provide consulting services for API integration, and product design and architecture, aiming to position itself as the main partner for operators in the region looking to join and accelerate the implementation of this new business paradigm.

Conceived as a cloud-native and multi-tenant solution, the new company will serve as a backbone for CSPs to securely expose and monetize their networks. It will address the diverse needs of stakeholders, a critical necessity for which the combination of Telecom and Intraway’s knowledge and capabilities is the right fit.

Roberto Nobile, CEO of Telecom and the only Argentine member of the GSMA board, stated: “This joint venture marks a milestone not only in boosting the digital economy and the Open Gateway standard in Latin America but also represents a key step in our strategy to consolidate ourselves as a technological hub and continue expanding our operations beyond the footprint of our networks.” “The objective of this joint venture,” Nobile continues, “is for regional operators to accelerate the adoption of this new standard, leveraging the responses and solutions we have already applied in Telecom. Our learnings, together with a flexible, scalable, and accessible solution that we will provide with Intraway, will undoubtedly be valuable assets for them to take advantage of the potential this new business paradigm offers to monetize their own networks and enhance their operations.”

Lucas Lodeiro, CTO of Intraway and interim CEO of the new company, explained: “This strategic alliance with Telecom Argentina represents a unique opportunity to democratize and expand direct access to operators’ mobile networks for banks, e-commerce, digital wallets, transportation, governments, and many other industries, allowing them to innovate and offer more secure, tailor-made, and efficient services. In summary, it enhances digital transformation inclusively, with a strong focus on protecting user privacy, allowing telcos to enable and participate in various new business models, opening up new opportunities for growth and development in the digital domain.”

Value Partners

Telecom, a leading company in connectivity, technology, entertainment, and digital services solutions with operations in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile, will contribute its expertise and know-how as a provider of ICT services and digital solutions, in addition to its own experience in developing APIs within the Open Gateway framework.

It is worth noting that Telecom has become a reference in Latin America for the GSMA and CAMARA initiatives and has already launched SIM SWAP, its first in-house developed API, which is in an advanced testing phase with fintech clients worldwide. Furthermore, it is working on launching other APIs that contribute to the value proposition of security and anti-fraud, such as Number Verification, Device Status, and Device Location. Some of these APIs are already being designed and supported in the solution jointly designed and developed between Telecom and Intraway.

Intraway, recognized for its robust Operational Support Systems used by telecom operators in more than 20 countries, will add its experience in the development and management of mission-critical cloud-native solutions, telecommunications network knowledge, and the integration with Symphonica, its AI-driven, no-code orchestration and provisioning platform that will allow CSPs to integrate their network elements securely and extremely quickly.

Leandro Rzezak, CEO of Intraway, explained: “The ‘end-to-end no-code functionality’ allows operators to expose any network element or other systems via APIs simply through configuration, without the need to program connectors, greatly reducing implementation times, and especially the time from project inception to revenue generation.”

Telecom Argentina and Intraway expect to commercially release the first version of their joint solution during the second quarter of this year.

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About Open Gateway

GSMA Open Gateway is a common and open framework among operators to facilitate the efforts of developers and cloud providers seeking to create applications and services that seamlessly communicate with each other and work for all devices and clients. This is done through unique access points to mobile networks known as APIs. Almost 40 groups of mobile operators worldwide, representing 228 mobile networks and 64% of global connections, are already part of the initiative.

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