Intraway’s Assurance Suite Supports Mediacom Communications 1 Gig Rollout

Increased reliability and reduced time-to-repair are the two main benefits Intraway’s service assurance solutions provide the cable operator’s successful 1 Gig service rollout.

Miami, FL – May 14, 2018 – Mediacom Communications made headlines in 2017 when it executed an aggressive plan to make gigabit service available to nearly all of the three million homes and businesses across its 22 state footprint, becoming the first major cable company to fully transition to the DOCSIS 3.1 platform.

“As we rolled out our 1 Gig platform across our national network, Intraway’s assurance solutions provided us with a variety of proactive tools to stay in front of any network issues,” said Mediacom CTO, JR Walden. ”Customers who buy our gigabit product expect world-class speeds, so it is very important that we get it right from their very first experience,” Walden concluded.

Included in Intraway’s service assurance suite is Downstream Spectrum Analyzer, which allows users to view networks in real time by analyzing data from downstream and upstream channels from different devices on the network. Automatic Firmware Management manages firmware upgrades and downgrades on all devices by creating, scheduling, and applying simple and complex firmware update policies.

Rounding out the service assurance suite is Intraway’s QX Probes, an array of automated and programmable probes that emulate customer behavior and measure their experience – including things like OTT performance typically outside of the scope of local network management tools.

“We are thrilled to partner with innovative companies like Mediacom to maximize reliability and customer service as they roll out 1-Gigabit service,” shared Rob Solon, Intraway’s Key Account Director North America, “our service assurance tools transform raw data into actionable information to pinpoint fault and reduce mean-time-to-repair. As the rollout completes, we’re looking forward to supporting Mediacom in fostering intelligent correlation from multiple data points.”

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