Partner Ecosystem - Intraway

Who We Partner With

We’re always looking to partner with leading vendors and integrators in the OSS/BSS, hardware or network element spaces.

Referral Partner

Intraway seeks to leverage Referral Partner and Consultancy relationships through offering referral fees as a result of clients adopting Symphonica into their operations.

Systems Integrators and Value-added Resellers

Systems Integrators and resellers would re-sell Symphonica to their client base, and derive additional services revenue from the architecture, design, configuration and implementation of Symphonica.

Developer/Implementation Partners

Developer/Implementation Partners can fulfill a number of functions, from developing APIs and connectors to enable wider connectivity and adoption of Symphonica, as working through or to a client for a full implementation of Symphonica.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners offer complementary products and solutions to Symphonica that offer a “full stack” or “partial stack” for a BSS/OSS reference architecture or solution.