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Closed-Loop Automation: Upsell Services and Solve Network Issues Faster!

Two use cases to grow your business, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Closed-loop automation is considered the next-frontier for network operations, but Intraway Symphonica delivers it today.

Symphonica automates orchestration, provisioning, and activation; provides a standard API layer to connect to business systems; and utilizes a massive library of proven connectors to physical and virtualized network devices. This cloud-native, no-code platform lets service providers and enterprises connect any business system to any network infrastructure with closed-loop automated operations and business processes, including certified integration with ServiceNow.

This white paper explains what to expect from closed-loop automation and how it can improve network operations. Download it and learn about all the sophisticated capabilities that make closed-loop automation possible, including:

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

  • Enables promoting to users for upsale of services

  • Automated troubleshooting and resolution

  • Seamless integration with other systems

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Download our white paper and contact us today for a closer look at how Intraway Symphonica deliver closed-loop automation for service providers and large enterprises.

Download White Paper

Download White Paper