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The Operator’s Journey to Success: The Inevitable Move to Cloud-Native

Why the adoption of Telco Cloud is crucial for successful digital transformation

5G telecommunications has pushed mobile communications service providers (CSP) into a shifting technology paradigm. It is forcing them to adopt a cloud-based network infrastructure, an approach in which the replacement of single physical network appliances by virtualized network functions (VNFs) was – and for many CSPs still is – the first step.

In our white paper “The inevitable move to cloud-native – the operator’s journey to success” we dive into the shift to cloud-native architecture in the telecommunications industry, particularly in the context of 5G networks. Mobile communications service providers (CSPs) are adopting cloud-based network infrastructure, starting with the replacement of physical network appliances with virtualized network functions (VNFs). This transition allows for network management functions to run on commodity hardware and facilitates the movement of VNFs into the cloud, creating the “Telco Cloud.” The Telco Cloud enables CSPs to manage and expand their network capabilities more easily, accelerate innovation and service fulfillment, and achieve greater network automation.

Download it and learn how the adoption of Telco Cloud is crucial for successful digital transformation, including:

  • The critical steps for mobile communications service providers in the era of 5G networks.
  • How Telco Cloud adoption offers significant cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to monetize 5G network capabilities.
  • How to manage complex Telco Cloud operations, enabling automation and leveraging AI-based intelligence for proactive network management.
  • A case study of a Mexican CSP, which partnered with Intraway to implement Symphonica, our no-code cloud service orchestration solution.

Download our white paper and contact us today to learn how to transition to a cloud-native architecture, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock new revenue opportunities in the era of 5G.

Download White Paper

Download White Paper