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Benefits of Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks

Learn how Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks can transform your business

The technology and business world has experienced a paradigm shift in customer service and how services are offered to customers. This shift is driven by a new approach called Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks (IDAN), which presents a new business model for operators and customers.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How intent-driven networks operate
  • The benefits of intent-driven autonomous networks:
    • Maximizing network capacity
    • Creating a competitive market
    • Empowering end users
    • Streamlining multi-vendor integration
  • How to overcome the rise in network complexity with intent-driven autonomous networks and Symphonica

Intraway has delivered the core IDAN solution service providers need to move forward toward zero-touch automated services and networks. As a key contributor to the TMF921 intent management API, Intraway has taken a leading role in the industry to define how systems that automate activation, provisioning, orchestration, and autonomous assurance functions communicate in an intent-driven environment. 

Download this white paper now and discover how Intraway’s cloud-native, no-code platform, Symphonica, provides a key piece of intent-driven architecture because it can connect any business system to any network infrastructure, activate any service on any available resource in real-time with zero-touch automation, and rapidly integrate with ecosystem partners to deliver end-to-end IDAN solutions quickly and efficiently.

Download White Paper

Download White Paper