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Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks: Paving the Way for the Future of Telecommunications

The global telecommunications industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Join us in exploring the potential of Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks (IDAN) and how they revolutionize operating and managing modern networks.

Discover the power of autonomy, AI, ML, and automation technologies and how they can pave the way for a future of seamless, adaptive, and customer-centric telecommunications services.

Download our white paper to:

  • Understand the journey to fully autonomous networks
  • Learn how IDAN is more than just automation
  • Discover the role of intent in achieving network autonomy
  • Empower CSPs with IDAN: Benefits and potential cost savings
  • Find out how to deploy OSS and orchestration in IDAN
  • Discover TM Forum’s standardization efforts and catalyst projects

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Download White Paper

Download White Paper