What Does Virtualization Mean For Telecoms?

In this world of uncertain times, many people talk about “the new normal”, especially in business. The internet has played a huge role in activities and commerce throughout this time when most of the workforce has had to go virtual as much as possible. In telecommunications, this means streaming and it also means a strain on hardware that may not have been built for the volume it received recently.

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A More Intelligent System

Telecommunications companies, especially cable networks, had to consider innovation, fast. That’s where virtualization comes in.

  • This concept is about remote communication and fewer devices needed to bring people what they need.
  • An example of this would be cloud DVR vs. a DVR box. In this case, a person doesn’t need a technician to come out to fix the box if there’s a problem. Since recordings are stored on a cloud, problems can be solved remotely. 
  • Since the network will be relying more heavily on software, this component needs to become more intelligent. 
  • Hardware is the middle man. Telecommunications are held back by boxes and clunky equipment. Virtualization changes that. 

The New World Difference

People may be back to work and streaming their cable and other telecommunications less than they did during the past few months, but trends show that things have still changed compared to before February of 2020. This year will likely continue to show a lot of changes in the industry, especially because the future is still extremely uncertain. 

  • While usage has leveled out as of this summer, many companies have recognized the inherent value in virtual telecommunications. They may not want to spend money on expensive equipment and complicated setups, but they want to give their clients and employees a seamless experience. 
  • Newscasters and late-night TV show hosts have been broadcasting using the internet from home office setups. The more virtual this can be, the easier it is for them to continue services uninterrupted, as desired by the networks that air them. 
  • The popularity of on-demand television has grown even before the changes that started earlier this year. Cloud-based systems allow users to have that personalization from anywhere and on any device. This is another benefit of virtualization. 

The Value in a Reliable Network

Using hardware to wire in a connection or other device has long since been the ultimate in connection speed and reliability for telecommunications companies. In order to achieve a reliable network in virtualization for cable, the software will need to be updated. Many large companies are currently working on this to ensure that those who virtualize will be able to offer customers the same reliable service of a hardwired connection. Through this, telecommunications companies can build trust with their customers that virtualization will still provide a reliable network. 

Making Changes with Your Systems

Virtualization doesn’t happen overnight, especially in large telecommunications businesses. The most important thing is to beta test and make sure that everything is running smoothly before you go live with every customer. A few ways to achieve this goal are:

  • Offer incentives to long-time customers to try out your new system in exchange for honest reviews. 
  • Have employees test the software extensively before any customers use it. 
  • Ask pointed questions about your concerns and thank customers for their answers after beta testing is complete. 

If you’re dealing with an overwhelmed system or hardware that doesn’t seem to be able to handle increased volume and usage, then it might be time to make changes now. Learn about your options and what your customers want and need the most before deciding which changes to make first. We can help you! Contact us today to learn more about virtualization and how it can benefit your telecommunications company now.  

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