Case Study

Automation Opens the Path for Digital Transformation in North America

Automation and orchestration bring significant benefits to service providers as they seek to avoid costs and increase revenue across existing and new business lines.

Our client, one of the leading broadband providers in the United States, evolved from a legacy communications/cable company to a true digital service provider (DSP). This shift was driven by the necessity to offer their customers a more effective onboarding and provisioning customer experience. 

Even though their business objectives were clear, their challenges while becoming a DSP drove process improvements and they ultimately invested in  Symphonica, our no-code, cloud-native orchestration and provisioning solution, to help drive the transformation process.

In this report, learn how the client, using Intraway’s Symphonica as a key component, initiated a digital transformation and modernization project to:

  • increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of the current business,
  • quickly react to market needs to deliver new (or alter existing) advanced digital offers, 
  • reduce the time to market for residential and business services,
  • consolidate their processes and platforms, 
  • provide critical business capabilities,
  • leave behind their silo-structured B/OSS approach,
  • implement a centralized solution to automate the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains without investing in time-consuming and budget-heavy projects.
Download the case study now!

Download the case study now!