Third-Party Installations: The Internet Installation Guide

For decades now, the telecommunications sector has seen exponential growth and improvement that is unlikely to stop anytime soon. As the industry progresses, third-party installations have become a vital pillar in the industry.

As IT firms grow in their revenue and operations, third-party installation becomes a necessary factor in their business plans and services. Third-party installations form an essential buffer between a Telecommunication Firm and its end-users and are an essential aspect of their satisfaction.

Third-party installation covers a variety of services that range from:

  • Mobile broadband installation of 4G networks and rollout of 5G infrastructure
  • Installation of Wi-Fi routers to end users homes and firms
  • Internet Installation of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Installation Lines) over existing phone lines
  • Fiber broadband (fiber to the home and fiber to the cabinet) installation
  • Maintenance and repair of Internet Systems for firms and households
  • Upgrades of previous systems to newer ones

Assuring Quality of Third-Party Installation Services

Since third-party installations are inevitable for any growing and expanding Telecommunications firm, it is necessary to ensure that you get the best quality in terms of third-party installation. You and your firm should consider the following to assure quality.

Work with Reliable Firm

To benefit from the best quality of third-party internet installation, work with reliable firms that are qualified in providing Telecommunication services. Look for experienced firms that have been working for years and have lived through various Telecommunication shifts and transformations. It also ensures consistency by sticking to one firm.

Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Since third parties deal directly with your end-users, pay attention to their feedback. Ensure that your firm is in excellent communication with your end-users and encourage them to forward any complaints or complications.

Rely On Firms That Value Customer Experience

Third-party firms have diverse principles and values. Some third-party firms consider highly telecommunication companies but pay little or no attention to the end-user. To ensure maximum quality, work with firms that assure and value customer experience.

Work with Insured Firms

Most third-party firms are not insured and lack contingency plans to reimburse your company for their shortcomings. To prevent losses when complications arise, use firms that ensure their services, and have warranties to secure the quality of their services.

Pros and Cons of Using Third-Party Installations

Third-party internet installation is the most common option for telecommunication firms. Using third parties comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.


You Get to Deal with Experts

Since third-party firms specialize in internet installation, your end-users benefit from years of experience. Depending on the quality of third-party internet installation, your firm may also benefit from a pool of experienced personnel who have installed hundreds of systems for several years.

Cuts Costs

Using a reliable third-party installer saves on various overhead costs. Third-party installers significantly reduce the management and logistical expenses of internet installation. Installing internet service to hundreds of clients spread over a geographical area can be very costly for a Telecommunications firm.


Reliable third-party installers offer geographic flexibility. They may reach your clients in areas where your company does not have major operations. They are also on standby at any time of the year as compared to building your installation team.

Enable Focus on Core Issues

Outsourcing of internet installation enables a telecommunications firm to focus more on major aspects of their business. It allows the channeling of resources to essential aspects of the company.


Some of the disadvantages of outsourcing third-party installations include:

Reduced Focus for the Customer

Outsourcing internet installation, the telecoms firm foregoes direct contact with its end users. Without a reliable firm, customer experience may be compromised.

Confidential Data Issues

Giving out your customers data to a third party is never a good idea for any business. Outsourcing internet installation requires a telecoms firm to share information with the third party that may lead to legal and trust issues if mismanaged.

Here at Intraway, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions to Telecommunications issues. For any inquiries and quality internet installation, contact us today and let us be part of your story.

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