Tracking Telcos BI automatically

The telecom industry is one of the most dynamic in the world: always changing, always evolving, always competing to offer new products and services, looking to gain at least a temporary edge on the market that engages new customers and keeps the existing ones satisfied with the company. So it’s no surprise that tracking telcos BI can be a challenging task. 

In this sense, having proper Business Metrics (a.k.a. KPIs) is key to know how well, or not, you’re performing. For example, how well is your Call Center doing? Are your Service Orders being executed within the promised SLA?  And even more, how many Front End Orders are becoming real Services installed, on time, with quality and customer satisfaction, and ready to be billed? It’s very likely that many many orders are being “lost” in your delivery chain, but WHY? WHERE? and HOW MANY? In short, is your organization working at its best and do you have indicators that show this (or alert for the problems )?

TM Forum has come to help Telecom companies in this whole problem with their TM Forum Business Metrics initiative. There you can find a very extensive set of the metrics you should keep an eye on, depending on your role in the organization. There’s an impressive list of more than 2900 metrics for an end to end assessment of a Telco business, presented in three areas:

  • Revenue and margin
  • Customer experience
  • Operational efficiency

TM Forum Business Process MappingNow that you know you have a trusted organization like TM Forum suggesting metrics list and their definitions, maybe you are thinking: “how do I gather all this and present it in a manageable format to understand the big picture and have the ability to drill down to the detailed level of any of the Organization areas and process?”

Intraway’s Telecom BI Platform, a suite of tools that can collect data from all your diverse sources, transform it, standardizes your metrics and present them as KPIs, based on TM Forum’s definitions. You can also add your custom metrics if needed.

Intraway Telecom BI Platform

With this platform, all the information that you DO have sparse in different databases, formats, and other sources (even Excel files!) can be inserted into a company data warehouse and presented in different formats depending on the area needs. Near real-time dashboards, consolidated monthly reports, historical trends, projections and many other options are available – all fully automated.

Intraway's Telecom BI Platform

Tracking telcos KPIs is a critical task to compete efficiently. There’s no reason for several members of your team to be running SQL queries, Excel macros and extracting data to present the reports. It can all be fully automated, in near real-time, and filtered to match your exact requirements.

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