Symphonica integrates with partners to power zero-touch services

While many CSPs focus on capturing B2B market growth, Intraway has created a way to deliver real-time and zero-touch service provisioning.

Many service providers want to capture their share of the B2B communications market now because it projects to nearly quadruple within the decade. While the market stands at a robust $46 billion globally today, analysts like Allied Market Research predict it will grow at a nearly 15% CAGR to more than $180 billion by 2030.  

The challenge for CSPs is in the details though, because the B2B market is diverse and complex, yet customers expect the same immediate customer experiences they receive with consumer and public cloud services. This expectation emphasizes the need to automate for many CSPs’ so that they can connect business organizations and systems directly with the networks that serve customers. 

3 first steps toward any-to-any automation

Fundamentally, service providers need to attain a level of automation that allows them to connect any business system to any networking infrastructure. This is the key to enabling extremely agile and highly automated fulfillment across channels, customers, partner ecosystems and even clouds. The aim is to simplify and accelerate the delivery of any type of service to any customer over any network. 

Three initial steps that can help CSPs move this forward include:

  • Make ordering adaptable: B2B customers pride themselves on being different from their competitors. If CSPs want to improve how they sell to, support, and deliver in B2B markets, they will need to be able to build commercial packages intelligently, draw from an evolving partner ecosystem catalog, and make order management adaptive enough to keep deliver changing and sometimes bespoke service mixes.
  • Enable zero-touch: Proactive customer management is a difference maker in B2B markets. CSPs are faced with combining shopping, payments, care, provisioning, and service configuration distinctly. These need to be intertwined, leveraging APIs, to accelerate service development, deployment and zero-touch provisioning of any service across multiple network domains and therefore to move toward making zero-touch experiences a reality.
  • Use ready service components: When adopting new tech and no-code or low-code solutions it is fair to expect they will come equipped with out-of-the-box solution templates. These should be able to help the CSP quick-start new service launches and deliver a 50% or better improvement in time to market versus legacy OSS systems. In an any-service-any-network setting, it’s also fair to expect those ready service templates to continue to evolve and to help CSPs expand reliably into new channels, markets, and service types.

With these three important capabilities in hand, service providers can bring a powerful automation fabric to their business organizations that better exposes automated operations and network capabilities to the teams and systems that need them. In turn, those organizations can identify customer needs and respond to requests at a nearly bespoke level, yet without the burden of constant customization or need for added tech or engineering resources to fulfill those requests. 

How Intraway makes it happen

By expanding its channel partner ecosystem to include standout, business layer solution providers, Intraway is able to bring its market leading domain expertise and no code technology base to their horizontally-oriented workflow and process automation solutions. As a result, when these partners take responsibility for automating end to end business processes, they can tap Intraway’s Symphonica as the one environment that can deal with multidomain network and service complexity, even in a multicloud setting. 

Intraway most recently announced its partnership with ServiceNow, which provides a good example of how a leader in enterprise-level business workflow benefits from a domain specialist like Intraway pre-solving an industry-specific complexity challenge. 

While ServiceNow automates and orchestrates enterprises level workflow across many domains and teams, Intraway’s Symphonica streamlines network and service domain automation, in turn conquering domain specific-complexity for the enterprise.

Because ServiceNow and Intraway both come from the new tech space, use standard APIs, and are committed to an integrated solution offering, they can more easily deliver real-time and zero-touch service provisioning to groups across the enterprise that they can use to bring new services and customer experiences to market. 

For a closer look at Intraway’s integrations with channel partners like ServiceNow, please contact us


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