Symphonica Delivers on NaaS

Symphonica, developed by Intraway, is a cloud-native, codeless automation, orchestration, and service activation platform that is well-positioned to address the NaaS marketplace. It is designed following the five pillars of a well-architected cloud platform — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. 

Symphonica is a telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform that automates the entire lifecycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains. This capability aligns perfectly with the NaaS model, which requires flexible and scalable network management. 

The platform provides a codeless provisioning design studio, enabling quick and easy configuration and deployment of orchestration and automation processes without the need to develop a single line of code or install new components. This feature allows for rapid deployment and scalability, which are key attributes of NaaS.

Symphonica is designed based on microservices and Open APIs, aligning with TM Forum and MEF standards. It is deployed on containers managed by Kubernetes, allowing the platform to scale vertically and horizontally according to the requirements of the business. This design aligns with the NaaS model, which leverages software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to deliver network services efficiently.

Symphonica implements the Open APIs to expose a single interface to northbound systems that abstracts complex southbound network protocols. This feature allows Symphonica to integrate seamlessly with existing B/OSS systems, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to adopt NaaS.

In conclusion, Symphonica’s cloud-native, codeless, and scalable design, coupled with its alignment with industry standards and its ability to integrate with existing systems, makes it a powerful solution for addressing the NaaS marketplace. By leveraging Symphonica, businesses can adopt NaaS more easily and efficiently, allowing them to reap the benefits of this innovative networking model.


Get ready for an exciting lineup of upcoming blogs in our NaaS series! Stay tuned! While you wait, explore our in-depth white paper: “Network-as-a-Service (NaaS): Making the Opportunity Happen.”

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