Still relying on cable? It’s time to move to OTT

Who said that all House of Dragons fans have a similar schedule? Or what rationale do cable outlets use in their program lineup? Well, these are the hard reality questions that are driving more and more fans away from cable TV. Those who love their freedom find solace in OTT outlets like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. OTT simply empowers content consumers, and this is something we love. Today’s consumers are no longer slaves. They are free to decide when to squeeze in an episode after a busy day or binge-watch Sherlock on a lazy weekend. One would, therefore, be forgiven to ask whether OTT is only suffocating cable or if it will finally kill it.

But First Things First, is OTT killing Cable?

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to bypassing traditional outlets like cable TV to provide content directly to the consumer online. Therefore, a large portion of the content consumer group has replaced cable with OTT, and the death of cable will be quicker than pundits predicted.

So Why is OTT Killing Cable?

OTT is injecting lethal doses into the traditional content and news outlets. It is not only unsettling the once-lucrative cable media but also watering down the double revenue generation in the industry. The cable media enjoy subscription revenue from viewers and advertisement revenue from businesses- this is no longer the case as the advertisement business is moving to OTT for the following reasons:

OTT Offers Flexibility

Content consumers have other pressing issues to attend to and, therefore, love arrangements that offer flexibility. Unlike the rigid cable media, the consumer can choose when to catch up with their favorite reality show or news update. It also allows consumers to pause, rewind or forward the content- a feature that only complicates the consumer’s experience when made available on the cable outlet.

OTT is Consumer Centered

Nothing provides more satisfaction than calling the shots. OTT gives consumers control over their entertainment lives by allowing them to choose what to consume, when to consume, and how to consume it. Content consumers do not have to adhere to the traditional program lineup or wait for news updates in the news bulletin. The user can also switch between news and other content as they wish. Moreover, content consumers can follow their favorite content from a place of their choice.

Most People Spend Free Time Online

Studies show that most people spend their free time on the internet. Consumers are, therefore, more likely to watch content from internet devices than consume the same content on cable TV. While cable TV may compete with OTT by enhancing its online presence, it still has the upper hand as it gives the user freedom to choose what to watch. Streaming live TV only offers the user liberty to decide where to watch other than what to watch.


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