Leveraging AI for Better Customer Service

Telecommunication is an integral part of human life. Most telcos have millions of clients spread across different countries. No matter how great the services are, hitches are part of the telecom industry. The industry keeps improving with new products coming up all the time to keep up with the technological advancements.AI, therefore, is the way to go for companies to provide dependable customer service.

Many communication companies are eyeing the 5G wireless technology due to its high-speed connectivity. Learn the business aspects of G5 on our guide Monetizing 5G: The Next Biggest Cash Cow for Communication Service Providers.

AI can easily handle and analyze several clients request at the same time while giving the company the right feedback. This ensures efficient, fast and best quality customer service. By saving time and resources on repeat calls and contacts, the company ensures revenue growth.

You must have a reliable and dependable strategy to leverage the power of AI in customer service. Your strategy should be able to identify the customer pain points and help to alleviate them in the best way possible. Your strategy should include;

Human Touch

Even with the improvements in the digital world, most customers still prefer live agents when they call in with concerns. Most tend to bypass the IVR as they look for direct communications. It is therefore important to have a team of dedicated customer care agents; they should be efficient, quick and knowledgeable on a range of topics.

Visual Engagement

The use of videos in customer care delivery has fast risen in recent days. Clients are able to view and follow the video instructions as compared to listening. There are several AI-powered customer assistance technologies you can use to interact with clients in real-time or offline for more satisfying, effective and faster customer experience.

Customer Service Culture

Whatever your customer service strategy is, it should make the customer feel valued. This means providing positive customer experience throughout the transaction; from pre-sale to the after-sale services. It helps in improving customer loyalty and boosting revenue.

Multichannel Customer Service

Your AI strategy should allow customer access through different channels; messaging, voice, chat, social media, email, and video. This allows the clients to interact with you through the preferred and most comfortable channel.

Are you considering starting to use AI customer service solutions? These are some of the tools a company can employ to improve customer service delivery;

Call analyzer

This will help understand customer reasons for calls. By analyzing the client request, the company will easily know the right tone to use and the proper assistance to deliver thus delivering great customer experience. It also helps in training customer care representatives better.


This quickly analyzes customer emails and reply immediately in case of frequently asked questions, or forward it to the right agent faster. It also helps in getting the statistics on reasons for customer calls.

Chatbot telecoms

Chatbots integrated with the company’s website to obtain customer data. It therefore quickly solves customer concerns based on past behavior and ensures satisfaction.


This comes in handy in giving clients solutions fast when they call in by analyzing calls in real time and forwarding to the best-placed agent to assist. This reduces customer waiting time, hang-ups and provides answers immediately in case of frequently asked questions.

Omnichannel Analysis

This is the best way to obtain customer communications and feedback across different channels. It analyzes the data from different customers to give the company a real report on customer needs. This will help the company to provide the best solution for customer satisfaction.

Most calls from customers tend to have a similar pattern and can be easily predicted. A company can, therefore, use contact prevention tools to answer the expected inquiries before the clients call in. This helps in saving the clients time and business resources by avoiding low-value calls.

Many communication companies are eyeing the 5G wireless technology due to its high-speed connectivity. Learn the business aspects of G5 on our guide Monetizing 5G: The Next Biggest Cash Cow for Communication Service Providers.

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