Intraway proves CLA, IDAN and autonomy at DTW

Closed-loop automation and intent-based networks are two of the most impactful advances that have gone from concept to reality in just a few years. At Digital Transformation World 2022 (DTW 2022), Intraway is unveiling integrated solutions that automate network slicing, power intent-based autonomous networks, and enable self-healing and even self-upselling networks. 

Zero-touch, intent-based autonomous networks 

The Intent-driven Autonomous Networks (IDAN) project might be the show stealer and is among the most anticipated demonstrations in DTW’s Catalyst Showcase. It will unveil new work in closed-loop automated and intent-based autonomous networks that use ODA-compliant intent models and interfaces. 

The results include a zero-touch customer experience; self-healing and self-optimizing multi-domain, multi-vendor networks; and the ability to define intents based on business objectives and implement them in the networks as interfaces and models.

Intraway’s cloud-native provisioning, activation, and orchestration solution, Symphonica, is the mission-critical component delivering the automation behind both the intent-based networking on display and real-time brokering of unused network resources that makes this catalyst so novel.

Closed-loop, self-healing and self-upselling networks

Getting to the root cause of any network problem and fixing it was once service assurance’s main goal. But it has evolved over time from event analysis to prediction, and from restoration to prevention or avoidance of degradations or failures before they occur.

At Inceptum’s exhibit #313, Intraway will show how Symphonica and UMBOSS, Inceptum’s flagship network and service assurance solution, integrate to deliver real-time, closed-loop orchestration for self-healing and upselling. As Inceptum’s UMBOSS detects changing utilization levels, faults, and events across not just networks but also data centers, and cloud infrastructure, Intraway automatically responds with closed-loop actions to apply remedies and notify groups. In this demonstration, when UMBOSS detects a faulty device parameter, Symphonica discovers a new device and auto-notifies network operations and field service teams to ensure service is restored and running properly.

Similar functionality is then applied to an upsell process. When a customer exceeds a utilization limit, the integrated solution automatically prompts the customer to select a service from a catalog, validate a contract, and provision it automatically. This kind of seamless automation enables the on-demand digital experiences both consumer and business customers now expect from service providers, even with more sophisticated network services and procurement processes. 

Custom network slice automation

The next major frontier for network services is to deliver customized network slices attuned to the throughput, latency, and reliability requirements of specific services, as this Symphonica demo shows in some detail. This approach will apply to everything from consumer gaming to Industry 4.0 automation solutions.

At DTW exhibit #321, Intraway and Etiya are unveiling a fully integrated, custom network slice creation and management solution. This unique platform gives service providers the type of automation they have been looking for to craft, provision, and instantiate custom network slices based on throughput, latency, and reliability requirements and support sophisticated applications, automated processes, and service level agreements.

Service order definition, ordering, and slice template management are handled by Etiya’s NetCom, a cloud-based network commerce and management solution that excels at defining and designing network and application services for enterprises. Symphonica handles the automation provisioning, activation, and orchestration needed to instantiate custom slices in the network, based on NetCom’s slice templates. The two integrate via TM Forum Open API TMF641. 

The complete solution shows what it can do with two compelling use cases. One demonstrates how custom network slices can be defined according to specific throughput, latency, and reliability parameters in NetCom and provisioned by Symphonica to deliver services for the manufacturing sector. The other orients to consumer markets and creates a custom network slice to support AV/VR capabilities for gaming applications. 

Don’t miss the show within the show at DTW 2022

Closed-loop automation. Intent-based networking. Self-healing networks. Zero-touch service delivery. Symphonica is showing service providers at DTW that it has all these capabilities ready to go today.

If you will be at DTW 2022, come take a close look at Symphonica in the Catalyst Showcase, Etiya’s exhibit #321, and Inceptum’s exhibit #313 and see how it automates everything from network slicing, intent-based networking, and self-healing networks to complex B2B and consumer applications and digital experiences.

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