Intraway in Gartner’s Market Guide for CSP Service Design and Orchestration Solutions

The 2022 “Market Guide for CSP Service Design and Orchestration Solutions” is here. In this yearly guide, Gartner examined the data associated with CSP Service Design and Orchestration projects deployed between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021. The data from this report provides insight into the current state of the SD&O market, its definition, rationale, and dynamics.

Key Findings in Gartner’s Market Guide

  • The most critical areas of focus for operations support system (OSS) vendors are end-to-end and service orchestration.
  • Several trends in network and service operations, such as 5G, edge computing, and cloud computing, impact service design and orchestration.
  • OSS vendors report that many CSPs lack a clear picture of the future of their OSS and how to evolve it.
  • Even though the use of the public cloud for OSS applications is still modest, cloud-native architecture, API-based integration, and the use of the cloud are among the top considerations for OSS transformation.

Intraway – A Representative Vendor

As providers of mission-critical software with more than 18 years of experience, Intraway supports leading telecommunications operators with solutions that facilitate the service life cycle management, provide a better overview of the user experience, and save time by automating manual processes.

Their signature software, Symphonica, is a no-code, cloud-native, telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for the automation of the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and multiple technology domains. Whether CSPs are looking to increase agility through automation, modernize their operations or embrace digital transformation, Symphonica has them covered. With Symphonica, CSPs can integrate their BSS to any network access technology with a few clicks and easily design custom automated provisioning workflows. No coding required.

Access Gartner’s Market Guide here.


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