Intraway builds a multi-region, high-availability, highly-resilient telecommunications product on AWS

When Intraway took on the challenge of offering Symphonica as a SaaS model, it also sought to find a platform that would support mission-critical services without taking on the risks and costs of deploying on a single infrastructure.

It was critical to find a cloud provider that provided:

  • More versatile and resilient VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Greater internal control over how the network is configured and operated.
  • Simplified management of connectivity and availability to on-premises infrastructure for customers
  • Flexibility to build a VPN within the cluster to the router or the user’s location
  • Greater scalability
  • Optimization of operational costs
  • Growth of customer base.

Why AWS?

Intraway selected AWS because of its high availability, reliability, extensive product offerings, and expertise. In addition, Intraway could increase the availability of existing resources by utilizing AWS in more than one region instead of dividing them.

AWS made the VPN  implementation more versatile. Because of this, Intraway could migrate it from one place to another without reconfiguring the system or generating a new customer certificate. 

AWS helped Intraway integrate Amazon EKS with the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service to flexibly achieve VPN connectivity and minimize or avoid the need for configuration changes from its customers.

Intaway worked with AWS to design a new architecture that provided flexibility to build a VPN within a cluster to the router or the user’s location. This delivers better quality and added services to clients, with a more advanced, evergreen version of Symphonica.

The implementation allows for greater agility and innovation. It also optimizes operational costs and helps Intraway to grow its customer base.

Long term, Intraway plans to move all of its solutions to the cloud and adapt them to the same state-of-the-art architecture it created for Symphonica, using Amazon EKS.

Read the full case study on the AWS website.

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