How OSS Cloud Platforms Ensure Security

When companies are shifting to cloud platforms, they tend to focus on scalability, increased agility, and cost savings. However, most businesses overlook the importance of keeping both data and the network safe and secure. Cloud Operational Support Systems (OSS) play a critical role in enforcing security, effectively enabling you to keep an eye on your cybersecurity efforts. Here are a few ways OSS cloud platforms protect you against internal and external security threats:

High-availability cloud platform

Today, almost every business is under constant threat of attacks from hackers and data thieves. OSS cloud platforms are designed to be highly available and reliable, so you can access data whenever you need it and provide uninterrupted and dependable services to your customers. Advanced features like firewalls for web access, reduced public footprint and constantly monitored architecture create strong perimeter security to prevent breaches. The architecture of the platform ensures a secure network that promotes safe transactions. 

Virtual private cloud

A Virtual Private Cloud, or VPC, is a private cloud solution hosted within a public cloud. This cloud computing method is an excellent option for companies with large workloads keen on testing new services. Cloud OSS platforms feature VPC configuration to meet the security needs of your business. Because our Managed Services Offering private clouds are built for a single business, the network, hardware, and data storage can be customized so that it is difficult for companies or clients in the same data center to access them, which will go a long way in ensuring cloud security.

Data security and privacy

Businesses that handle sensitive customer information have to ensure that the data is stored safely to prevent unauthorized access. Data security breaches can result in lawsuits and loss of trust, which will have adverse effects on the company. OSS cloud platforms support the encryption of data stored on cloud infrastructure, effectively minimizing the chances of the wrong party gaining access to sensitive information. Data centers with strong physical security feature controlled access checkpoints to help keep hackers at bay, reducing the risk of the data being stolen and used against a company.

Dedicated secure connections

Cloud Operational Support Systems make it possible for enterprises to connect directly to the cloud, eliminating the need to have unsecured public networks in between. A private connection limits exposure to the public internet, thereby reducing exposure to risks like cyber-attacks and data breaches. You will also be able to seamlessly connect several office locations and enjoy end-to-end control of your cloud. This factor allows you to meet the unique security needs of your business effectively. In addition to increased security, the dedicated interconnections also ensure improved network performance and a better end-user experience.

Activity audit

Cloud security control means that you will have centralized visibility of the cloud infrastructure, including user activity, configuration settings, and security policies. This control puts your security team in a better position to identify vulnerabilities in cloud security and monitor activities resulting in an attack. OSS cloud platforms allow you to centralize protection and automate security so you can remain safe even as your cloud environment becomes more complex. Heightened security will benefit both your business and customers.

The importance of cloud OSS in enhancing security cannot be denied. However, to ensure your network is secure and protect your business and reputation, you should work with a reliable cloud service provider like AWS. Intraway is a leader when it comes to cloud Operational Support Systems (OSS). Contact us today to learn more about telecommunication and automation solutions. 


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