How CSPs Can Provide Quality End-to-End Service Assurance

Communication service providers realize that effective quality assurance is moving more and more towards greater automation. Automation provides businesses proactive analytics while also being flexible enough to react as problems arise. All of these processes need to happen in real-time and at scale while also being cost-effective. These systems need to lower operational expenses and maximize resource utilization of a company’s infrastructure. More and more, companies are relying on automation to deliver quality assurance efficiently at scale.

Service Assurance Relies On Quality Automations

Whether they realize it or not, the modern communication service provider is on a path towards more and more automation. A service assurance process starts with a provisioning action that automates what happens when a new service has started. The total service assurance value proposition entails getting information back from these devices,  knowing why they’re working (or not working), what problems they have and then taking actions to automatically correct them. The automation function of modern service assurance allows managing all these various services dynamically without humans getting involved.

Abstract Your Service Assurance Processes

The average companies IT is spread over many services that connect in various ways. The business logic and how you define the processes should mesh with a variety of hardware. A desirable quality of service assurance processes is the ability to abstract out over a wide variety of hardware devices and network topologies. Imagine your automation process being able to look at each service and definitively say:

  • We recognize this as a new tenant.
  • Given the tenant’s characteristics, we’ll call this application.
  • We’ll let it run in this slice/container.
  • We’ll give the container this amount of bandwidth.

Simplifying your processes in response to complexity makes your entire business processes respond much more flexibly to different scenarios. CSPs can look forward to working across different networks without getting bogged down in particulars.

And this standardization allows you to see what your data should look like coming from the myriad devices across your network. This abstraction makes it much easier to locate problematic hardware as noisy data will indicate a hardware issue somewhere. Once you see that you have a problem, the automated decision now needs to get made to go fix that. Abstraction is key to this. Changing any particular service would require interfacing with each device’s logic, and that’s not a solution that’s going to scale.

Reaping The Benefits

Businesses using automation methodologies for service assurance cut down on lead times for their projects dramatically. This competitive advantage can make a world of difference in delivering efficient quality assurance solutions. The complexity and scale of modern IT networks are more than what’s possible for humans to manage. 

Automations should be flexible enough to handle manual configurations as well as fixing things in real-time. These quality assurance systems should automatically figure out:

  • What is needed in terms of resources.
  • Adjust resources as demand increases (or decreases).
  • Release resources to allow processes to function both effectively and efficiently. 

Many companies use service assurance as part of an SLA that defines the desired performance level. It turns out that one of the key outputs from service assurance processes is continuous improvement. Reaping the bounty of the insights that these automations provide can positively improve your projects’ quality and how efficient they’re delivered. This constant improvement becomes even more critical when your business is employing a diverse portfolio of services. This continuous feedback loop ensures that complexity improves the self-assurance process and makes it “anti-fragile.”

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