Empowering Insourcing and Automation: Intraway’s Role in IT Transformation

Organizations across the industry are adopting new approaches to IT, operations, and automation, and Intraway plays a vital role in this transformation. Intraway’s partner, Symphonica, enables insourcing strategies and bridges the gap between legacy systems and the cloud-native world

Easing Agile and DevOps adoption

Agile and DevOps practices are key for organizations seeking continuous improvement. Intraway assists service providers in transitioning to a composable business model that embraces Agile and DevOps. Symphonica addresses provisioning, activation, and orchestration for any service, complying with TM Forum Open APIs. Its management via Agile and DevOps aligns with and enables the adoption of these crucial principles.

Driving continuous modernization

Continuous modernization replaces big-bang transformations with incremental improvements throughout the organization. Intraway facilitates this shift by encapsulating the order-to-cash process, including service provisioning, activation, and continuous orchestration, for both legacy and cloud-native network and service domains. Service providers benefit from a proven solution that follows open architecture principles, allowing configuration without customization. This enables them to focus on services and market launches, leveraging proven models, processes, and other assets from Symphonica’s code base.

Enabling componentization and re-use

Efficiency through componentization and re-use is vital in IT operations. Intraway emphasizes the importance of reusing IT components and functions across operating units and markets. Symphonica showcases this reusability by providing a standardized 5G slicing component, designed to scale across hybrid cloud environments. By complying with TM Forum Open APIs, Symphonica enables the fulfillment of complex orders and reduces the cost of innovation and improvement, fostering increased organizational agility.

Simplifying automation

The overwhelming message coming from service providers has been to make things simpler; require less customization; favor open approaches, standard APIs, and common business process definitions; and deliver more automation out of the box that can support dynamic scale, reuse, and continuous improvement. Symphonica is rooted in these principles and able to help service providers pivot rapidly to these new approaches to IT, networks, and operations.

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