Embrace Kea Open-Source DHCP with Intraway

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key factors in network provisioning. With the constant pressure to optimize operations and reduce expenses, finding innovative solutions becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Kea open-source DHCP has revolutionized DOCSIS provisioning and has now been seamlessly integrated into Intraway’s Provisioning Suite.

Gone are the days of shelling out exorbitant amounts for DHCP licenses. Intraway’s forward-thinking approach brings the power of Kea to the forefront, offering a host of benefits that not only minimize operational costs but also transform DOCSIS provisioning into a state-of-the-art endeavor.

So, what makes the Kea DHCP server stand out from the crowd?

Cloud-Ready: In today’s digital landscape, the cloud reigns supreme. Kea’s software is primed and ready to operate seamlessly within AWS cloud environments, providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Distributed Architecture & Scalability: With a stateless, extensible, and flexible architecture, Kea empowers networks to scale effortlessly, accommodating growing demands without compromising performance.

High-Availability & Redundancy: Reliability is non-negotiable in mission-critical operations. Kea’s high-availability features ensure resilience for both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6, guaranteeing uninterrupted service delivery.

Open-Source: Embracing the ethos of collaboration, Kea is open-source and distributed via GitHub under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. This fosters innovation and cultivates a vibrant community dedicated to advancing network technologies.

Horizontal Scaling: Need to bootstrap your DHCP servers for faster high availability? Kea has you covered, enabling horizontal scaling to meet the demands of dynamic network environments.

Automated Deployment: Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming deployment processes. Kea streamlines the creation of environments, automating tedious tasks and accelerating delivery timelines.

Intraway’s integration of Kea open-source DHCP into its Provisioning Suite marks a significant milestone in network provisioning. By leveraging Kea’s advanced capabilities, networks across the Americas can embrace cutting-edge technologies while optimizing operational costs and total cost of ownership.

In an era defined by digital transformation, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. With Intraway and Kea, the future of network provisioning is not just within reach – it’s here, waiting to revolutionize your network infrastructure.

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