Retaining Customers with Customer Support Tools

The Customer Support Center is a critical part of any communications service provider (CSP). However, it is usually postponed in the investments plans or Capex priorities. The main reason for this is that the initial thought is that Customer Support will not generate revenue. Big mistake!! It is very likely that it does not produce direct revenue, but it has been demonstrated that it will generate indirect revenue, with impressive ROI in projects related.

The main goal of Customer Support is to provide information and tools to customers to receive good quality of service. It is also an essential element in the “Problem-to-Solution” process. Customer support tools enable visibility of subscriber’s services to provide accurate and timely information and solutions to customers. Customer Support’s goal is much more than providing answers to questions – it manages customer’s experience after buying a service.

Why is Customer Support so important? And, more importantly, how can it impact business results?

  • Keeping existing customer is much cheaper than finding new ones. For this reason, the company should prioritize customer support to retain customers and avoid high acquisitions costs. 
  • It’s a weapon to avoid a bad reputation. With information disseminating at the speed of light online and on social networks, a bad review can tarnish a CSPs’ reputation in an instant. It’s a well-documented fact that negative service experiences are shared way more than positive ones.
  • Word-of-mouth IS marketing. Informal endorsements from customers are the BEST form of marketing. Consumers are more likely to listen to friend’s advice than they are to trust digital reviews or ads. Excellent customer service will create loyal customer fans that will champion your business for you.

What Customer Support tools assist to provide stellar customer support?

Let´s take one of the most popular services in the CSP industry as an example – Internet access on a  home network. This service is provided under xDSL or GPON technology and connected to a Wi-FI Router to provide Internet at Home via Wi-FI. So, what is the minimal information and data that Customer Support should have access to provide excellent customer service?

  • Installed CPE information: Firmware version, configuration info, service profile.
  • Technical KPIs: SpeedTest, Latency, Packet loss among others.
  • Device Information: Brand, type, and profile of devices connect to home network either by Wi-FI or Ethernet
  • Wi-FI signal: intensity per device
  • Wi-FI channel network map: to detect potential interferences
  • On-Demand Tools:  Ping, traceroute, Wi-FI optimization per channel

With a 360 view of the devices connected to the router, signal level, band & channel, and the rest of this basic information, the Customer Support Representative (CSR) can solve issues quickly, improve business metrics and the overall ROI of the company.

For more information on how to gain all-around insight and control of customers’ Wi-Fi network, check out Intraway’s Wi-FI Management 360 solution.

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