Customer Experience Is Everyone’s Business

How Marketing Can Contribute to Customer Experience Success

Recently, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, took a customer complaint from idea to execution in 6 days, giving the rest of the world a master class on the value of customer experience. There’s no doubt that these are complex times for businesses. As competition stiffens and audiences have more choices than ever, customer experience is one of the key differentiators that truly impacts retention and acquisition.

So let’s discuss why marketers need to care about customer experience and what you can do to contribute to your company’s success.

Let’s say you’re in marketing for a Communications Service Provider (CSP). Do you know how many Over the Top-related (OTT) complaints your call center and community managers handle in a month? How many of these weren’t resolved because the CSP doesn’t have access to detect issues that are outside of your network?

As a CSP, maybe OTT-related service calls aren’t a top priority because their issues are not within your line of sight. But, they’re still burning your image on social media, making a huge dent on your customer retention and, ultimately, taking away revenue from your business.

From the customer’s viewpoint, they called in for what in their mind is a network issue and walked away without their problem being fixed. After a while, they might even consider switching providers. It’s a huge risk.

All companies face customer experience challenges that seem out of their scope. But we still have to be accountable. So what can you, as a marketer, do to contribute to your company’s customer experience success?

  • Turn the Marketing department into a customer experience ambassador – Although customer experience impacts every single function in an organization, Marketing plays a huge role in customer’s perception and the company’s reputation – you can’t dissipate a tainted brand image with flashy commercials and high-converting landing pages. Make it your priority to vouch for customer experience and provide Marketing’s support to all related initiatives.
  • Focus on communication – Train your community managers and call center specialists to handle these issues with grace – no customer likes to hear that you can’t solve their issues. Make sure that all customer-facing positions have scripts and support materials that help them maintain your brand’s positive relationship with its customers. Once the issue is resolved, share what your company is doing to increase the quality of experience.
  • Collaborate to find solutions – Adding customer experience threats to your SWAT helps you identify issues before they become problems. Once a threat is identified, it’s a lot easier to hop on a cross-function committee and figure out how to approach it. In the example that we present here, Intraway provides a solution that helps detect issues outside of CSP networks that impact customer experience.

Customer experience impacts every aspect of an organization. Follow our blog series as we highlight how different functions within your organization can contribute to its success.

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