AWS Well-Architected Framework – Cost Optimization

Once you have chosen AWS as your preferred cloud solution, you will need to control costs while still maintaining a high level of performance and capacity. Cost optimization will involve looking at design principles and adhering to best practices to maximize business value. 

Here is what you need to know:

Design principles for cost optimization

When looking to manage costs, you should ensure that your cloud architecture is designed appropriately. 

First, it would be essential to invest in cloud management to ensure effective allocation of time and resources in building capability. You may also want to adopt a consumption model to pay only for the computing resources you need and adjust usage depending on your business requirements. Measure your efficiency to identify ways of increasing output while reducing costs and take advantage of the ability of AWS to do the heavy lifting of data center operations. Lastly, analyze usage and cost of systems to measure return on investment and optimize resources.

Best practices for cost optimization

When implementing cloud financial management and optimizing cost, you should carefully consider trade-offs at every stage of the process. 

Below are some best practices that will help you realize the economic benefits of the cloud:

Practice cloud financial management

Adoption of cloud will enable your technology team to innovate faster and implement improvements. However, you will need an effective approach to financial management if you are to realize business value. Cloud Financial Management allows you to align the different priorities of the different units in the organization and achieve efficiency. For the best results, you should consider supplementing your teams with experts in CFM and cost optimization. The process will also be faster if you improve existing programs instead of building new ones.

Expenditure and usage awareness

The cloud eliminates manual processes, effectively saving you time, increasing flexibility, and encouraging innovation. However, this requires that you adopt a new way of thinking about your expenditures. Because most businesses have various teams running multiple systems, accurate cost attribution in identifying profitable products, proper budget allocation, and reducing waste. Cost allocation tags can help you track AWS usage and costs to obtain the insights you need to make informed decisions. These tags also allow you to identify orphaned projects and those that no longer generate value.

Cost-effective resources

To realize cost savings, you must ensure that all resources are allocated and utilized properly. A well-architected workload will make the most of cost-effective resources to deliver a positive economic impact. Considering the various flexible and cost-effective options that AWS offers on its services, cost optimization will include choosing the appropriate services for your needs. You should also monitor and adjust your utilization to maximize business value.

Manage demand and supply resources

Moving to the cloud allows you to pay only for what you need. To reduce wastage and maximize the available resources, you should match the supply resources with your workload demand. You can also modify demand to utilize fewer resources and reduce costs. AWS enables you to add and remove resources based on your needs, a factor that helps to do away with unnecessary costs. Managing demand and supply resources will require that you look at past usage and predict the demand pattern.

Continuous optimization

AWS introduces new services and features from time to time. Similarly, your business requirements will change over time. You should review your existing architectural decisions regularly to establish whether they remain cost-effective. Implementing the right features and resource types will help optimize your workload progressively, promoting efficiency. When evaluating new services, you will need to assess how they will help you save money.

In the long run, working with experts will go a long way toward reducing costs without compromising performance. Intraway has the necessary expertise and experience to help you enjoy the benefits associated with a well-architected AWS framework.


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