AWS Partner Network: Be a Partner

AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global partner program that vendors and other service providers offer cloud software services and build solutions for Amazon Web Services customers. The partners are professionals in software and services who have earned an endorsement from AWS. They offer customers with the latest technologies in AWS cloud computing, which includes expertise and wide range of products.

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Members can register to either of the APN groups, which are APN Technology Partners and the APN Consulting Partners.

AWS Partner Network Groups

APN Technology Partners are independent software providers and vendors. They develop, provide services, software products, tools for integration, and hosting on AWS Cloud. These are Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), security, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and developer tools.

APN Consulting Partners offer professional services to help customers to manage, build, design applications, and workloads for AWS cloud deployment. These partners include; managed service providers, agencies, and system integrators. With an APN Consulting Partner, customers can successfully develop their cloud-based businesses by providing go to the market, marketing, and technical support.

AWS users will find the partner they need from the APN Partner directory. The business directory categorizes the partners by their product, use case, US federal socio-economic status, contract/ procurement vehicle, and program. The APN partner allows customers to use the latest AWS technologies, and to migrate to a cloud service that is cost-effective, agile, and reliable.

APN Partner Tiers

Each APN partner group can advance to higher performance-based tiers on gaining certain thresholds. The Consulting Partners have three tiers, select, advanced, and premier. Technology Partners have two tiers, select, and advanced. To progress through the tier’s partners require;

APN Select Tier

  • Schedule a certification exam through APN central
  • Promote their business as a Select tier partner in the business directory
  • Design and build solutions that are readily available on AWS
  • Meet the customers’ expectations, in requirements and experience, among others.

 APN Advanced Tier

  • Enrolling in APN partner programs to take advantage of opportunities in the advanced tier, which include funding and marketing.
  • Creation of a functional business model that meets the requirements of the advanced tier
  • To serve the best interests of the customers, where the partners must be specialists in their area of service in AWS.

AWS partner network offers extra support to partners by offering programs across all partner tiers. The programs include the marketplace channel program, SaaS factory program, device qualification program, and APN customer engagement program (ACE) for technical and sales support.

Benefits of APN Partner

APN is committed to providing the best services to both the partners and their customers. The APN, partners can;

  • With the evolving AWS services and technologies, partners can deliver to their customer’s better tools and services.
  • The APN programs will help partners highlight the experience in their particular industry, service.
  • APN offers the partners the opportunity to reach and meet the customers’ demands faster in a cost-effective way.
  • Partners can market and sell their solutions on the AWS marketplace.
  • The AWS relates to evolving technologies and meeting with the customers’ demands. These will give the APN partners more credibility.
  • On the APN portal, AWS offers e-learning courses that help partners gain accreditation in distinct industry areas.
  • AWS holds the largest market share in cloud computing suitable for small and large, both new and existing businesses.

A certified APN partner can help manage the customer’s business applications, workloads, migrate to the cloud, build, and design solutions. 

Intraway, as a certified partner, can help you to create a migration strategy to AWS, which will move your enterprise to the cloud. Intraway can also provide OSS solutions based on AWS, that will help your business to improve competitiveness and agility as the top benefits of this innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Explore the most important digital trends that will impact business in 2020 like Wi-Fi 6, XR, XaaS, Distributed and Multi-Cloud Computing, Analytics and 5G on our blog post Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

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