Sell the Cloud to Your Leadership

To successfully transition a company from a premises-based IT infrastructure to the cloud, seven basic steps are needed. In this post, we’re going to present them and will focus on the first one, Selling The Cloud to Your Leadership, of your cloud adoption plan.

  1. Sell the Cloud to Your Leadership, 
  2. Sell the Cloud to Your Team, 
  3. Prove Its Worth, 
  4. Use Outside Expertise,
  5. Build a Cloud Team, 
  6. Manage Your Hybrid IT Structure, and 
  7. Keep Pushing. 

Moving services to the cloud is a must-go-through phase toward the digital transformation. Learn the main benefits and challenges of cloud projects on our video blog Why Move to the Cloud?

Selling The Cloud to Your Leadership

While each of the steps is important, perhaps selling the cloud to your leadership is the most critical and it takes preparation. You don’t often get multiple chances to convince your managers that your idea is worth pursuing. However, the benefits of the cloud are obvious and, based on the growth in cloud computing over the last few years, many business leaders already believe it is the right choice. So, while this step is critical, it probably won’t be too hard of a sell. Let’s break it down into some easy steps.

Identify The Problem(s)

First and foremost, you need to identify the problem, or problems, that cloud computing will help you solve. The more concrete your problem is, the easier it will be to demonstrate how the cloud will help. The more quantifiable, the better – at least initially. Here are a few examples.

  1. Your company is steadily losing market share 
  2. Your application time-to-market has plateaued 
  3. Your IT security breach attempts are climbing

As business metrics, each of these examples is fairly easy to compile and the cloud will have a demonstrable impact on each one. The next steps are to determine the cause of the problem and how the cloud will solve it.

Why Do We Have This Problem in the First Place?

Once you have hard metrics in hand, it is time to do a little data analysis to figure out the root cause. Take the loss of market share, for example. There could be many reasons why your share of the market is declining, but one of the most likely ones are increased competition eating away at your customer base. Competition is not a bad thing as it often makes you better. All business executives understand that. Now you can clearly show how using the cloud can stop the erosion of your customer base and potentially increase it to new highs.

How will the cloud help?

Now that you have determined the cause of the problem, the time has come to show your leadership how the cloud can help. For our example, the primary answer is straightforward – artificial intelligence. Odds are that your leadership is at least vaguely aware of AI and its potential uses. The key here is to show exactly how AI can stop the market share erosion and boost sales. Here are a few key points that you may want to consider presenting to your executives.

Focused Customer Marketing

It is no secret that customer data is key to locking in sales. Cloud-based AI can process customer data in near real-time and allow your company to customize its marketing strategy to focus on your highest probability customers. Not only will this save your sales team time, but it will also increase their win percentage.

Focused Sales Team

Not only will AI help focus customer marketing, but it will also help focus your sales team as well. Again, the benefit here comes directly from AIs’ ability to process data. AI can help your company assign leads based on which sales team would be the most likely to close a particular type of sale. The old way of assigning leads was typically geographic location. With cloud-based AI, your sales resources can be assigned more intelligently.

AI gets better with time

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that with more data, AI will make better decisions. It seems obvious, but it is another advantage of migrating to the cloud that will help you sell it to your leadership. Simply put, the cloud will make your business better.

Those are just a few quick examples you can use to sell the cloud to your leadership. Again, the key is to be as concrete as possible. If you can even get just one of the leadership team to buy-in, the odds of success will increase dramatically. 

Moving services to the cloud is a must-go-through phase toward the digital transformation. Learn the main benefits and challenges of cloud projects on our video blog Why Move to the Cloud?

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