SaaS Case Studies: A Look At the Top-Performers

Software as a service (SaaS) in its most basic form requires users to pay for software depending on the usage of different subscriptions. With SaaS, users can remotely access applications from browsers without fully owning the software. By getting inspired by the top-performers SaaS Case Studies, Cloud projects are more approachable.

Moving services to the cloud is a must-go-through phase toward the digital transformation. Learn the main benefits and challenges of cloud projects on our video blog Why Move to the Cloud?

As of 2015, the global SaaS market had a value of $31.57 billion a figure that many pundits expect to rise to $172.20 billion by 2025. Software providers deploy SaaS either as a private, public, or hybrid cloud model.

The market continues to thrive thanks to the need for substantial storage spaces for data. Software artificial intelligence has also played its part to fuel the success witnessed in the market.

While the cheaper rates of SaaS platforms have worked to draw SMEs to this line of business, larger institutions look to make the most of data privacy and more straightforward marketing options. Here is a look at some SaaS providers who have had a significant impact on the market.

SaaS Case Studies


This Dublin based company has specialized in human resource management. The company leverages the efficiency of SaaS to reach clients from all walks of life. In 2010, Taleo acquired as it looked to expand its suite.

The firm has enjoyed great success thanks to its secure and elastic infrastructure. Its software platform is flexible to fit the needs of various users and scalable factoring the growth of end-users.

Other service providers can consider Taleo’s mobile approach to grow their offerings. A scalable approach is also likely to fuel growth as it appeals to users.


LiveOps Contact Center Application Suite is a two-in-one platform that integrates business processing outsourcing to its SaaS offering. This multi-faceted program helps companies avoid labor arbitrage that is common in traditional business models.

The firm’s automatic SaaS solution has drawn admiration from many quarters. Having integrated workforce management, call-centers, and inbound call routing in one suite, LiveOps is an excellent choice for numerous clients.

An integrated system like the one LiveOps uses goes a long way in providing valuable solutions to clients and is key to the success of any SaaS-based company.


Gageln offers an opportunity for consumers to collaborate and build formidable networks around useful content. Although you can compare the firm’s software to what Facebook does, its SaaS segment follows a content-driven approach.

With Gageln, an institution can consolidate relevant information about its industry and use such knowledge in the decision-making process. The company successfully keeps its users abreast of any notable developments in the industry.

SaaS providers can make the most of the available content to create channels of communication between clients and their networks. Gageln’s automated system could also work to convert arbitrary information to efficient workflow modules for clients.

Antenna Software

When it comes to SaaS-based mobile applications, Antenna Software has succeeded in creating a bridge between mobility and cloud computing. Firms can use their services to build and maintain their mobile apps.

The company has leveraged on the growing interest in cloud-based enterprise mobility to grow its brand. Its Mobility Platform has five different AMP components that guarantee efficiency in service delivery. From the Gateway to the Studio, Enterprise Connect, device-side client software, and the Management Center, each part performs a specialized role to make efficient service delivery possible.

Other providers could consider introducing designated data centers to improve service delivery.  The ability to capitalize on trends in specific markets is also sure to guarantee significant gains for different market players.

Exoprise Systems

The Waltham based company enables clients to monitor their cloud-based apps and assess on-site systems. Customers can maximize the benefits of their cloud systems as CloudReady helps them make sense of all that takes place in the cloud.

Exoprise Systems offers clients an opportunity to select the most suitable cloud service for their company. With a customizable analysis suite, users can accurately analyze cloud information that is relevant to its market.

SaaS providers could work to provide an inventory of viable solutions to their clients to help them make informed choices on the best products. They could also provide software that supports the decision making the process of customers without necessarily employing complex databases and web servers.

CVM Solutions

CVM Solutions offers the CVM Supplier Central platform for customers looking to manage performance and supplier risk using the SaaS approach. The Oakbrook Terrace-based company contributed significantly to the switch of ERP systems into the SaaS model.

The company’s platform offers an alternative to the traditional supply chain software. Through a three-step process, clients can manage their supplies with Supplier Central. These SaaS-based supply chain solution thrived in the advent of the dot-com era and has grown tremendously in subsequent years.

The software housed on enables users to keep track of the performance and standards of their suppliers. With this information, they can take steps to mitigate any possible risks. All these services are present in the automated systems that CVM Solutions offers.

Other SaaS platforms could build networks for multiple companies to create synergy in tracking merchandise and products. Providers can also offer better services with their eyes on the end-result – a feature that CVM Solutions employs.


Any firm looking to manage inbound marketing campaigns can count on Brian Halligan-led HubSpot. The digital marketing company joined the software as a Service scene back in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength through the years.

With HubSpot’s sales integrated platform, users can keep in step with clients throughout their customer journey. The firm also provides a marketing platform along with its free CRM tool. The firm’s ‘Powerful alone. Better together’ mantra highlights how the full stack of software can get a lot done for users.

Besides their stellar offerings, HubSpot provides a reliable support team to guide clients through their products. SaaS providers with a supportive community enjoy a more significant following and good returns from their software.

Cloud9 Analytics

Line-of-business managers are the greatest beneficiaries of the pipeline management SaaS platform that Cloud9 Analytics provides. At its establishment, the firm did not pay attention to naysayers, who believed that the SaaS approach could not handle business intelligence (BI).

With its Pipeline Accelerator platform, users can make predictions on their sales in real-time. Cloud9 also breaks down the previously complex BI for companies. The company’s platform enables front line workers to make sense of business intelligence information to grow their businesses.

In a bid to walk away from traditional data warehouse strategies, Cloud9 introduced versioned replication. Their automated process comprises a versioned database that allows consumers to manage warehoused data and solutions separately. Companies can then make cumulative changes in their services.

SaaS providers can emulate the proprietary interfaces Cloud9 offers for database technology. The ability to provide industry-standard interfaces is another game-changer for providers in the industry.

Host Analytics

For an efficient corporate performance management SaaS suite, Host Analytics CPM offers excellent value for money. Based in Redwood, Host Analytics supports businesses that look to keep a keen eye on their spending habits.

With their software, financial leaders can create better budgets while making sound predictions on their finances. Managers no longer have to work with many Excel files as they work through the budgeting process. Host Analytics CPM enables users to automate their accounting charts. The results are immediate impacts on companies’ revenues.

The company based its browser interface on Excel. The CPM suite allows for the integration of different applications that users can run on a single database model. Clients are also in a position to make multidimensional reports with the platform.

Just like Host Analytics, SaaS providers should integrate their solutions with tools that are familiar to clients. Such an approach ensures that clients have an easier time embracing new products.

Knowledge Tree

As a departure from the norm, Knowledge Tree’s SaaS platform runs on Ubuntu. Orbitz and Fujifilm, part of their clientele, have employed the software in the management of open-source documents.

The traditional EMC Documentum often demanded a lot of infrastructure and ballooning costs. Companies looking to store thousands of documents can now find refuge in Knowledge Tree’s platform. Clients no longer have to break the bank to receive everything offered in a traditional Documentum system.

Besides auditing and versioning documents, the cloud system provides e-mail triggers that clients use to step up service delivery. With the automated system, it is possible to find relevant content and enjoy collaboration features.

Given that clients often lookout for fast and efficient services, SaaS providers should consider the speed of their platforms.

From gaming applications to content management, human resource management, and enterprise resource planning, SaaS platforms have become increasingly invaluable to the corporate world. SME’s have especially embraced this business delivery model in a bid to fuel fast growth in their respective markets.

These ten SaaS providers have set themselves apart from their competition with tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of their clients. As businesses embrace the paradigm shift in their operations, SaaS providers can tap into this ready market and provide a wide variety of software to improve business efficiency. With cost reductions and no hidden costs, the end of this wave is nowhere in sight.

Moving services to the cloud is a must-go-through phase toward the digital transformation. Learn the main benefits and challenges of cloud projects on our video blog Why Moving to the Cloud?

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