Addressing GPON Service Assurance Challenges


Currently, multiple operators have begun to evolve their networks implementing Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) access technology. Although the optical medium is more stable and reliable than other networks, such as HFC or DSL, service assurance continues to be a priority. It not only leads to a better experience and higher customer satisfaction but also creates significant savings for the operator.

The Challenge

Each time a new service is installed and activated, it becomes critical to assure that the installation process complied with quality parameters and that customers are receiving the type of service that they contracted. All this must be done without affecting prior installations. In order to achieve this, the operator must have adequate tools to be able to clearly view the quality of the work being performed and to be able to make necessary corrections if they are needed. Adequate tools will also help the operator to proactively monitor the entire life of each service.

The Solution

A typical Service Assurance Solution is a tool that allows operators to view and test all their important quality parameters in order to evaluate if services were installed and activated correctly. The solution does not require that technicians have complex equipment: they only need a mobile phone.

High-Level Architecture


Solution Description

A Service Assurance Solution provides a network scanner that supports multiple protocols, not only for online testing but also to perform recurring scans. This allows a log of useful data to be generated in order to provide post-installation assurance.

Additionally, it provides mobile and web user interfaces that replace complex and costly appliances that are currently used in the field.

The measurement data is obtained directly from the OLT, or in some cases, from the NMS provided by the vendor. The ONT data is obtained through the OLT, which via OMCI obtains it from the ONT. Some of the protocols implemented are SNMP, TL1 or CLI (through Telnet Connections).

Some of the measured data is:
OLT Data
o OLT Port Status
o Port Tx Optical Power
o Port Rx Optical Power
o Uptime
ONT Data
o ONT Status
o Rx Power
o Tx Power
o BIAS Current
o Temperature
o Voltage
o Distances
o US Traffic
o DS Traffic
o Uptime
o Last Down Date
o Last Down Cause

Additionally, much data related to service VLANs (data, video, and voice) is obtained and offered. This allows determining the proper service provisioning, and also, offering quality KPIs from adjacent customers who share splitters to detect massive failures or problems that could be external to that current installation.

Each time a technician performs a quality verification, whether in the field with mobile tool or from the web, if all measured values return successful results, it will generate a validation code, which can be used as a birth certificate, or to certify that the technician/ contractor performed the task in compliance with the quality standards set by the operator. The acceptable thresholds for each of the measured values are defined by the operator and configured on the platform as part of the deployment process.

Mobile GPON Testing Tool Screenshots

Web-Based GPON Testing Tool Screenshots

Typical Features
Mobile, Web Based and IVR Tools for On-Line Quality Tests
Fast Multi-Protocol Network Scanner for On-Line and Recurrent Scans
Generation of Installation Certificates
Combines data from OSS/BSS and Network specific information
Reduced infrastructure needs without losing high availability features

Enhances the overall user experience by helping to fulfill services under high-quality standards
Ensures correct service delivery by comparing both activated service profile  and contracted profile
Reduces costs related to post-installation visits and customer services calls.
Replaces expensive field equipment with a smartphone application and a centralized scanning solution

Installing a complex service, such as DIA, over GPON can be a breeze. Watch our demo and see how you can install DIA over GPON in minutes using our solutions!

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