Section 5: Make It Happen- Strategies For Implementing Network Transformation

TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration, released the results from its third bi-annual Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT). Carried out from June to August 2018, the global survey of more than 200 communications service providers (CSPs) and their technology suppliers tracks the progress of the telecoms industry’s digital transformation. Here’s a summary of Section 5, which describes the strategies for implementing network transformation.

Learn the survey result’s full overview on our blog post Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT) by TM Forum.

Strategies For Implementing Network Transformation

Although network transformation is progressing slowly, 5G and the internet of things (IoT) may force communications service providers (CSPs) to speed the process so that they can deliver software-based network services, for example, creating network slices to support use cases with very different requirements for latency, throughput, coverage, etc. Following are steps operators should take to increase the pace of network transformation and digital transformation overall.

Network Transformation

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