Get The Most Out Of CableLabs Summer Conference 2017

CableLabs Summer Conference 2017 is here! We’re so excited to be there once again that we have put together this ultimate guide with everything you need before, during, and after the event.

CableLabs Summer Conference 2017: Place and Time

The event takes place in Keystone, Colorado, at the Keystone Resort Conference Center (633 Tennis Club Rd, Dillon, CO 80435), from August 6–9, 2017.

Before you go 

There will be no time to stop and pause once you arrive at the Conference, so check out these tips before you get there:

  • Conference agenda: What would you like to learn at CableLabs Summer Conference? Use the agenda to organize your day and make sure you attend conference-wide events like keynote addresses. As you already know, the conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the cable industry and learn how members are adopting and deploying new CableLabs technologies.
  • Featured Speakers: The people you’ll hear there are as important as the sessions themselves. Here’s a short list of the main speakers that you can meet at the conference:
    • Bob Iannucci, Director of the CyLab Mobility Research Center
    • Hilary Mason, CEO of Fast Forward Labs
    • Phil McKinney, President of CableLabs
    • Balan Nair, EVP & CTO of Liberty Global
    • Nicholas DiPonzio, Vice President of Cox Communications

Once You’re There

This multi-day conference lives up to every expectation and includes attendees from all spheres of the telecommunications industry.

  • Networking: Get exposure to new ideas from members, vendors, startups and outside speakers and foster the exchange of information about the future direction of cable technology.
  • Demos: Make sure you set some time apart to walk around the exhibitor area. Intraway will be presenting how to install Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) over GPON in a few minutes. You’ll watch how we complete the whole process – from entering a service order in the CRM to confirming service activation – in just a few minutes. Make sure to come by and say hi! If you’d like to schedule some one-on-one time with us, you can do so here.
  • Where to eat: Enjoy some of Keystone’s best restaurants. Here are a few recommendations for meals near the Keystone Resort Conference Center:
    • Ski Tip Lodge: Enjoy this historic 1800’s restaurant, which was once the home of Keystone’s founding family. The Ski Tip is considered one of USA’s top places to eat.
    • Keystone Ranch Restaurant: The Ranch provides an authentic steakhouse experience, featuring the finest quality meat, sustainable practices, and locally sourced products.
    • Bighorn Bistro & Bar: It offers exceptional dining in an informal atmosphere. Its menu is the perfect complement to the breathtaking views of Keystone Lake and the Continental Divide.

After the Conference

There is plenty to do and see during the summer months in Keystone. Here are two must-see places for you to visit while enjoying your stay:

  • Loveland Pass: Not for the faint of heart, the fifth highest mountain pass in Colorado provides unparalleled sights of the mountains.
  • Keystone Lake: Located near the Conference center, it offers scenic views and lakeside walks. You’ll find places to eat as you walk around the pristine waters enjoying Rocky Mountain views.

Don’t miss this opportunity to chat with over 300 senior technologists from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia who represent over 30 cable companies!

We’ll be sharing the latest conference news on social media. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and don’t miss anything.

See you there!

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