Big Communications Event 2018: A Recap

In its fifth edition, Light Reading’s Big Communications Event was a success. Year after year, the event reinforces its position as the next-gen communications industry’s meeting point to discuss significant changes affecting the industry.

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 Telecom experts from around the globe gathered to network and watch live demos of the latest solutions to solve their business challenges. The conference, hosted by Heavy Reading and its exceptional team of leading telecom market and technology analysts, covered the industry’s most pressing topics, including automation, AI & Machine Learning, SD-WAN, optical networking and more.

Keynote Panels

Day one blasted off with Melissa Arnoldi, President of Technology and Operations at AT&T, discussing AT&T’s path to 5G and the critical role software plays. She addressed the significant impact on business that 5G will eventually have. She also discussed how technologies such as AI and machine learning offer great potential but require high bandwidth and low latency, which is where 5G will fit in. In addition, she reinstated that data and analytics would play a central role in driving these technologies and explored the possibilities 5G can bring to consumers and enterprise customers.

“When you think about the compute processing power that will be needed for such business models or appliances such as AR, VR, autonomous car and robotics — the computing processing power that will be needed, the reduction in latency and our ‘secret sauce’ or software will become more critical so you don’t have to put all the requirements in the hardware of the network but you can put it in the software,” she said.

Intraway’s CTO Take On Automation

The communications industry is used to sporadic technology transformations, but it’s not often the industry undergoes a fundamental reshaping of the competitive dynamic. BCE 2018 provided a fresh perspective on the fast-paced change of the telecom industry.

CSPs are facing more than speed bumps on the road to virtualization – and their end goal of increasing network automation. Barriers to vendor interoperability, standards slowdowns, and the struggle to secure skilled talent are just a few of the challenges operators encounter when meeting unprecedented network capacity demands and transitioning from legacy to virtualized networks.

Even as work continues toward ultimate virtualization goals, a new priority emerges: Automation.

Steve Marsh, Intraway’s North America CTO, participated in the panel Roadmap to Reaching Zero-Touch Automation. This panel took a closer look at potential first steps, as well as long-term strategies, and examined what network transformation can – and can’t – accomplish in taking the human factor out of the equation.

Live Demos at Big Communications Event

On the show floor, companies showcase live demonstrations of technologies and applications that provide real insight and tangible value to attendees and Intraway was honored to share how our solutions empower digital transformations.

 As a leading global provider, we support operators with flexible and innovative fulfillment, service & revenue assurance, and smart data solutions. But going beyond providing solutions,  we make a point of working hand-in-hand with our partners to solve their most pressing business challenges and empower their digital transformation. Here are a few examples:

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