5 Digital Transformation Trends To Watch in 2019

Digital transformation is not simply a technological shift. It’s also an organizational change that includes technology, business, and people.

In organizations, everyone needs to be aware and stay ahead of digital transformation trends because the integration of digital technology will affect every department of a company. The result: a significant change in business operations and the value offered to customers. 

As we come to the end of a hectic 2018, it is time to look forward. To foresee what the industry holds for all businesses, and specifically for global telecommunications service providers. 

The 5G landscape is promising much faster data communication. Learn more about it’s many benefits in our blog post 5G Landscape for Telecom Companies.

Digital Transformation Trends 2019


2019 will be a crucial year for consumer technology. The launch of the first 5G smartphones will direct the attention to these gadgets.

The smartphone market is in desperate need of innovation and 5G is the perfect candidate. This kind of innovation only happens once in a decade.

The smartphone industry is not the only one that will benefit from the 5G breakthrough. The broadband scene will witness plans for 5G-enabled fixed wireless services in Europe and the US. It is also predicted that next-generation network strategies will be the catalyst for more fixed-mobile convergence in the short term.

Operators such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon are all planning some form of fixed-mobile convergence related to 5G. Verizon will start with a cable-like fixed service, followed by the mobile layer as an update.


Blockchain became an important technology trend thanks to Bitcoin. However, this technology has many applications beyond the cryptocurrencies world.

Most of the leading tech companies are entering the blockchain game. For example, IBM launched its Blockchain platform. They are also collaborating with banks, governments, and other organizations. Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon are also pushing further with the blockchain technology.

Augmented Reality

2018 has been an immense year for the AR technology. Moving forward into 2019, it will continue to increase the enterprise software development panorama. Many projects will mature into full-scale productions as AR continues to unleash its potential.

As big businesses begin to grasp the real value of AR, 2019 will observe a soar in new prototyping projects. Similar to any new technology, a crucial conversation within big businesses is how to resource AR development projects. Also, getting new programs of work to market in the shortest reasonable timescale is on the look.


The Internet of Things has verifiably erupted in popularity in almost every imaginable fashion, as predicted before 2018.

 2019 will bring about changes in its notoriously lax security. While not all manufacturers are creating their IoT-enabled endpoints to be more secure, a few big players are. When names such as Cisco, Dell, and HPE have made moves toward improving security, the industry is likely to follow the lead.

Moreover, we can presume security vendors will start paying more attention to endpoints as well. With solutions explicitly created to protect endpoints from data loss and diagnose a network’s health, business will be better protected against threats derived from the IoT.

Digital Customer Experience

The top priority of most major digital transformation efforts is to improve the customer experience. This topic is the leading discriminator when it comes to customer retention. However, a new generation of experience tools, architectures, and techniques is making possible for businesses to go further to create customer experiences in an industrialized way.

Companies will have to retool and restructure to achieve this, and it will take some time. Many reports show there will be a significant amount of activity and investment in digital experience in 2019 given the business imperative.

The 5G landscape is promising much faster data communication. Learn more about it’s many benefits in our blog post 5G Landscape for Telecom Companies.

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