4 Business Cases for Network Orchestration

There is constant innovation happening in today’s telecommunication industry. One of the effective ways in which businesses can handle various network management issues is by implementing network orchestration and automation processes. 

With the advent of the current 5G and IoT technologies, telecommunications companies are slated to see considerable growth in network traffic. As a result, software capabilities will play an important role in stepping up the game and delivering the expected services to the customers. At such a point, network orchestration will be a crucial tool to optimize the service delivery capabilities for any telecommunications organization.

In this article, we explore 4 important business cases for the implementation of network orchestration in the world of telecommunication. 

1. Network Infrastructure Adaptability- Improved Resource Utilization

Network orchestration programs can help organizations discover the state of resource allocation within the network dynamically. This allows operators to optimize resource utilization by removing manual interventions. Ultimately, the ability of the infrastructure to adapt as per the requirements of the network allows businesses to improve their OPEX and lower service costs. 

Thus network orchestration has a direct positive impact on the bottom line of business through optimized resource utilization capabilities. 

2. Intuitive Self-Service- Great Customer Experience

Network orchestration and automation enable intuitive self-service capabilities for the customers. This includes auto-discovery and smart pre-registration processes that streamline the entire service-activation mechanism. It also allows the scalability of the bandwidth as per the requirements of the network users. With more and more people opting for the 5G network, this is a crucial necessity for maintaining the service quality by telecom companies.

Thus, having an automated and intuitive self-service mechanism through network orchestration is an excellent way to guarantee superior-quality user experience to the customers.

3. Reduced Service Control Complexity- Reduced Time to Market

 The real-time inventory data, along with the appropriate resource allocations, allows for robust infrastructure provisioning capabilities. This, in turn, greatly reduces the service control complexities within the system. Services can now be provided quickly, even in multi-layer, multi-vendor systems with network orchestration. As a result, telecom companies can greatly reduce latency and offer high-quality products with lesser turnaround time.

Lower time to market, in this case, allows organizations to add value for their customers- both businesses and individual subscribers.

4. Automated Service Order Fulfillment- Adaptive and Effective Network

Network orchestration processes have in-built mechanisms for automated service order fulfillment. This lays down the path for not only self-managing but also a truly smart network. Such a network can effectively use analytics and become self-healing and adapt according to the needs of its customers.    In the world of telecommunication, having an effectively adaptive network is the cornerstone business value proposition.

Network orchestration thus enables businesses to deliver quality service with low latency and high scalability, all the while maintaining a co-ordinated and protected communication environment. It also allows the identification of potential threats to the system and take the necessary actions at the appropriate time. All in all, this is a key factor in determining the OPEX and the bottom line of any telecom business.

Our Solutions

At Intraway, we constantly strive to provide our valued customers with viable solutions that help them to scale up their business and address their business requirements. Symphonica is our lifecycle service network orchestration solution that is aimed at adding flexibility and agility to your telecommunications business.

At present, we operate across 22 countries on three continents and have over 55 million devices deployed globally. Our telecommunications solutions help our clients to achieve their full potential and increase profitability while delivering quality customer experiences to millions.

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