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Remote PHY

Remote PHY: A Sense of Reality

Remote PHY is an approach to distributed access architecture (DAA) in a digital hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network. By reducing the distance to the customer’s devices, Remote PHY obtains higher bandwidth and throughput than a centralized system. Learn everything.

Cloud Gaming – How does it impact TELCOS?

Within the huge development of Cloud Gaming, Telcos are right in the middle, putting all their infrastructure and technology at the service of gamers who need high speed, low latency and quality of connection to ensure a 100% enjoyable experience.

White Paper GPON Activation

Multi-vendor GPON Activation White PaperAs bandwidth consumption continues to rise,…
Smart Data

Turning Big Data Into Smart Data

Learn five proven steps to analyze data and use it in the decision-making processes. By following the right technique with the correct tools,
valuable information gives businesses more benefits than ever. The million-dollar question is: How do we convert big data into smart data?


Benefits of Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology outlines a virtual network architecture…
Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)

Distributed Architecture, Getting Closer to the Customer

Why distributing the architecture? Learn which network functions Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) adds, how it reduces costs and resources, and the main approaches of implementation.

5G Networks

5G Networks: The Future of Smart

The fifth generation of mobile network technologies is here, at least the name, but what does 5G Networks mean? Is it worthy of all the expectations generated? 

SaaS Case Studies

SaaS Case Studies: A Look At the Top-Performers

With SaaS, users can remotely access applications from browsers without fully owning the software. Get inspired by the top-performers SaaS Case Studies.

SCTE 2019

SCTE 2019 Key Takeaways

Now that the SCTE-ISBE is over, it’s time to take a look back at some of the key takeaways from the industry’s biggest event. 10G, DOCSIS 4.0, Smart Cities and more industry trends.


From Cable Infrastructure to the Cloud | Video Interview

Phil Harvey, Light Reading’s US Bureau Chief interviewed our CTOs, Steve Marsh and Matt Torchinsky, during the SCTE Cable-Tec 2019. Learn the main topics on digital transformation, how Symphonica helps achieving it and how we are moving from the cable legacy infrastructure all the way to the Cloud.