Android TV

What You Should Know about Android TV and Next-Generation Media Technology

Read on to learn how Symphonica enables Android TV to function and lays the groundwork for regional operations.

No-code Service Orchestration

No-code Cloud-native Service Orchestration

Learn here the role no-code orchestration plays in developing, designing, and deploying new and improved digital services quickly.

Automation Opens the Path for Digital Transformation in North America

Automation and orchestration bring significant benefits to service providers as they seek to avoid costs and increase revenue across existing and new business lines.

5G Network Slicing

5G Network Slicing: How it Works

Network slicing is critical to the 5G possibilities, and if done right, network slicing has significant potential within the telecommunications ecosystem. Learn how to scale up, scale-down, and retire network slices.

Expand Your Reach in the OSS Orchestration and Service Provisioning Space

During this 22-minute, on-demand webinar, Mark Abolafia, Intraway’s SVP, Business Development & Channels, discusses the business benefits of Symphonica…

5G development

Medium and Long-Term 5G Planning for Operators

The race toward 5G development has challenged every operator to estimate what tools to use for the next generation of communication technology. Here are the various medium and long-term development roadmaps for operators to overcome the 5G development challenges.

ANGA COM: All you need to know

To help you make the most of #ANGACOM, we’ve gathered our top conference, sightseeing, and dining recommendations in our blog post. Check it out!


How CSPs can stand out with CX

Communication Service Providers (CSPs), have been trailing when it comes to exceptional customer services, with tech brands such as Apple and Netflix…
machine learning

3 Applications of AI and Machine Learning in the Telecom Industry

In a world where consumers demand top-quality products and services, CSPs turn to artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet customers’ expectations. Here are the three main ways that ML and AI are revolutionizing the telecom sector.

Case Study – How Intraway’s Symphonica Supports Android TV and Next-Generation Media Technology

In order to maintain their competitiveness, telecommunications companies must become more agile, offer new services quickly, and generate new revenue streams.