Automation in 5G – Part 2

Network automation is a big blessing due to the enormous opportunities it brings on board, though with some formidable challenges.

automation in 5g

Automation in 5G – Part 1

Everybody has been eagerly waiting for the 5G, and it’s now almost here with us. With this in mind, every operator plans…

Accelerating 5G Time-To-Value with Cloud OSS

Operational Support Systems (OSS) has been the water cooler conversation of the telecommunications industry for some time now. The expected mass exodus…
Automation Challenges in 5G

Automation Challenges in 5G

5G network automation allows operators to develop machine-driven approaches that address their business objectives. On the other hand, it’s a way of…
Open APIs

The State of Open APIs for Service Automation

Learn how a common set of APIs across the industry aids in the fast, efficient deployment of third-party applications and services.

Leverage Blockchain

How Telcos Can Leverage Blockchain Technology

For Telcos, learn in this blog post four use cases that demonstrate the potential of blockchain in streamlining their operations and detecting fraud.

customer experience

How CSPs Can Stand Out From the Crowd With CX

CSPs who want to stand out from the crowd must deliver even more than software and hardware. Customer Service is the key.


Overcoming Technical Debt on the Way to ODA

How exactly does ODA make it easier to bring down technical debt? These are some of the ways.

network slicing

What Is 5G Network Slicing, and Where Is It Going?

What is 5G network slicing, and what does the future hold?

End-To-End Network Automation

End-To-End Network Automation: Why and How To Do It

Although true end-to-end automation hasn’t been achieved yet, network automation remains a reality that telcos need to have a firm grasp on to flourish.