Technology stack

The Power of a Technology Stack

Choosing the right tech stack is one of the most important decisions when building a software product. Sharing some thoughts and positive experience in the article

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Network orchestration

4 Business Cases for Network Orchestration

In this article, we explore 4 important business cases for the implementation of network orchestration in the world of telecommunication. 

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Cloud Native OSS/BSS

This whitepaper explores what cloud-native OSS/BSS is and all the essential things you need to know as you prepare to adopt them.

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Unscripted: Una Charla Relajada con Dos Líderes de la Industria

Este evento, que hemos decido llamar Unscripted, es un espacio diferente, un espacio donde podremos conversar con distintos referentes de la industria sobre temas de los cuales generalmente no tenemos la oportunidad.

Security on AWS

Automate your security on AWS

Learn a few things about automating your security on AWS to continuously monitor security threats and ensure better compliance.

Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency for a Well-Architected AWS Framework

Performance efficiency is the ability of a system to meet its defined requirements, by using computing resources as effectively as possible. Learn all about it here.

operational excellence

The AWS Well-Architected Framework and Operational Excellence

In this article, we will discuss why AWS (Amazon Web Services) supports the foundational pillar of operational excellence within a well-architected framework.

well-architected security

AWS on Well-Architected Security

Let’s have a look at what Amazon coders consider best practices for building and maintaining a well-formed security plan.

macro cells

Macro Cells in 5G – Revolutionizing Network Connectivity

In this article, we discuss in detail how macro cells function, their advantages and how they are revolutionizing network connectivity

virtual platform

7 Benefits of Developing Virtual Platforms

Find out the benefits of virtual platforms, which are gaining popularity, effectively changing the way the world communicates.

TM Forum

TM Forum Survey Reveals Telcos’ Use of Open API Exceeds Vendor Supply

Learn the results of TM Forum’s survey exploring software product vendor and communications service providers’ (CSPs) adoption of TM Forum Open API.

Leading The Way for 5G – Small Cells Deployment

The webinar, presented by Martin Wessel and Ezequiel Lopez Pareja, discusses the status of OpenRAN, small cells deployment challenges, and how to easily automate the installation of a small cell with Symphonica (demo).

Service Providers

How Service Providers are Stepping up During Unprecedented Times

We are living in unprecedented times. Find out how Communication Service Providers are stepping in to improve communications all around the world