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How the eSIM is Driving the IoT Evolution

In just three years, eSIM will skyrocket and reach one billion devices, becoming an undoubtedly change for the IoT’s future.


The World in 5G

From digital natives to older adults, we all consume more and more data, how will 5G cover this hunger of data?

GPON Challenges

Solving Common GPON Challenges

The global market for GPON is projected to reach over…
GPON Technology

Basics to Understand GPON Technology

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON Technology) is fiber optic that allows a higher speed of transmission and reception of data through a single fiber. Learn how its architecture works, the main features, and its advantages and disadvantages

Symphonica Infrastructure Management

Symphonica Infrastructure Management for RPD Provisioning Lifecycle

How can MSOs operationalize the deployment and management of complex networks? Symphonica Infrastructure Management follows the TM Forum Resource Lifecycle Management to deploy the full cycle of RPD.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6: Welcome to High-Efficiency Wireless

As a new standard, Wi-Fi 6 will be officially launched by the end of the year, this is a quick review of the most important things that you have to keep in mind to understand the new changes in this incredible technology.


QoE: Understanding Customer Complains

From watching videos to purchasing goods, customers’ use of the network makes hard to understand QoE based just on the traffic metrics of your system. How can QoE Probes help CSPs to understand the customer’s experience?


What does AndroidTV bring to Next Generation Technology?

The new service model of AndroidTV gives an important step by taking a presence in the mobile market and provides many useful features that adapt to different targets.

2020 Digital Transformation trends

Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Explore the most important Digital Transformation trends that will impact business in 2020 like Wi-Fi 6, XR, XaaS, Distributed and Multi-Cloud Computing, Analytics and 5G.

Remote PHY

Remote PHY: A Sense of Reality

Remote PHY is an approach to distributed access architecture (DAA) in a digital hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network. By reducing the distance to the customer’s devices, Remote PHY obtains higher bandwidth and throughput than a centralized system. Learn everything.