intent-based networking

5 ways intent-based networking changes provisioning, activation, and orchestration forever

Delivering intent-based networking and closed-loop automation requires a new approach because of the extreme degree of change involved. In fact, here are just five of the major changes that happen to provisioning, activation, and orchestration as intent-based networks enter the environment.

DTW 2022

Intraway proves closed-loop automation, intent, and autonomy at DTW 2022

Closed-loop automation and intent-based networks are two of the most impactful advances that have gone from concept to reality in just a few years. At Digital Transformation World 2022 (DTW), Intraway is unveiling integrated solutions that automate network slicing, power intent-based autonomous networks, and enabling self-healing and even self-upselling networks


TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2022: What to Expect

Ready for this year’s TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2022? Check out our guide to make the most out of the industry’s biggest conference!

metro-ethernet services

Symphonica automates provisioning to capture double-digit growth in metro-ethernet services

The global market for metro-ethernet services is projected to more than double by 2027, from $35.7 billion in 2020 to $79.8 billion by 2027, according to Research and Markets.

SD-WAN provisioning

How Symphonica automates SD-WAN provisioning

Symphonica provides an example of how an orchestration solution automates SD-WAN to underpin a world-class customer experience in this service category.

GPON Services

How Symphonica automates provisioning for next-gen broadband

Take a close look at how Intraway’s Symphonica, a no-code orchestration solution, automates provisioning for DIA over GPON services. 

Symphonica Summer Series

Introduction to Intraway’s Symphonica 

What does a cloud-native, multi-tenant operations support system (OSS) look like? A closer look at Intraway’s Symphonica.

Android TV

What You Should Know about Android TV and Next-Generation Media Technology

Read on to learn how Symphonica enables Android TV to function and lays the groundwork for regional operations.

No-code Service Orchestration

No-code Cloud-native Service Orchestration

Learn here the role no-code orchestration plays in developing, designing, and deploying new and improved digital services quickly.

Automation Opens the Path for Digital Transformation in North America

Automation and orchestration bring significant benefits to service providers as they seek to avoid costs and increase revenue across existing and new business lines.