intelligent automation

Telecom Industry: How to get ROI out of Intelligent Automation

Today, telecommunication companies face great expectations from users whose connectivity demands grow in sync with the complexities of global communication networks. Similarly,…
cloud-native OSS/BSS

How to adopt cloud-native OSS/BSS solutions

Rising customer expectations are driving Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to improve and transform their entire service delivery model. Customers expect personalized experiences…
post covid-19 telecom

Post-COVID Telecom Future: What Operators Should Expect

To get a picture of how things might turn out, the following are the possible scenarios for the telecom sector post-covid.

5G network slicing

Here’s Everything About Network Slicing in a 5G Context

5G network slicing allows multiple networks to be created on top of common physical infrastructures. Read more to learn about its benefits and challenges.


Why OTT is Killing Cable

Let’s examine three reasons in particular why OTT is killing TV.

FTTH vs Cable

Leveraging Best Customers Experiences Options: FTTH vs. Cable (DOCSIS)

FTTH vs Cable: The shift to better user bandwidth is ongoing. Business still needs to find the proper ways to boost customer experience.


Scaling from Manual Provisioning to fully Automate FTTH Activation

In this blog post, learn how a no-code, cloud-native solution can help CPSs fully automate FTTH service provisioning.

Ethernet Vs. GPON

Active Ethernet Vs. GPON | A Comparison

Active Ethernet network ensures that every subscriber is provided with their own fiber link, while GPON network connects its subscribers to the internet using passive optical splitters. But first, CSPs need to understand and compare the two before making a choice.


El Camino de las Telco hacia la Nube

Los tiempos cambian, la velocidad de la evolución tecnológica no se detiene y avanza velozmente. Una vez lanzada la última tecnología 5G…
automation in the telecom industry

Automation in the Telecom Industry

Automation in the telecom industry is driven by various factors. Which factors are the drivers of the automation processes being adapted by telecoms?