5G solutions

5G Solutions Are Transforming Business and Daily Life

What are the biggest 5G consumer opportunities?​ Learn 5G solutions use cases and benefits in the industry.


The Emerging Market for ODA Software Components

Traditional dated models grow harder to maintain every year. Open Digital Architecture (ODA) opens up a path to a more robust and maintainable approach.

telecom industry trends

Telecom Industry Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a series of shutdowns and lockdowns all over the world.  Because social isolation is not healthy, human…

B2B 5G Network Slicing: Unlocking the Digital Transformation

During this webinar presented by Intraway, Readiness IT and Kloudville, we will discuss how to quickly launch initial 5G services for the B2B segment in order to support new business models and operations over 5G.

network slicing

PoC B/OSS Solution for B2B 5G Network Slicing

As the rollout of 5G continues to gain momentum, there are plenty of avenues for telecommunications providers to exploit. For a European CSP,…
DDA deployment

DAA Deployment Automation: Everything You Should Know

This white paper explores how IT and network leaders can leverage DAA automation to reduce manual tasks and increase more value for the company.


Automation in 5G – Part 2

Network automation is a big blessing due to the enormous opportunities it brings on board, though with some formidable challenges.

automation in 5g

Automation in 5G – Part 1

Everybody has been eagerly waiting for the 5G, and it’s now almost here with us. With this in mind, every operator plans…

Accelerating 5G Time-To-Value with Cloud OSS

Operational Support Systems (OSS) has been the water cooler conversation of the telecommunications industry for some time now. The expected mass exodus…
Automation Challenges in 5G

Automation Challenges in 5G

5G network automation allows operators to develop machine-driven approaches that address their business objectives. On the other hand, it’s a way of…