GPON Service Activation - Intraway

From Service Order to Activation in a Few Minutes

Watch how we install a complex Direct Internet Access (DIA) service over GPON in just a few minutes. And we’re talking from entering a service order in the CRM to confirming service activation.

By using Intraway’s solutions – Symphonica Service Activator, and TWizard, our field technician application for ONT installations – you can shave days off your installation process. Say goodbye to swivel chair provisioning, installation errors, and new business and residential customers calling in wondering when their service will be installed.

Watch our Demo

You can also read the demo step-by-step process here.

Key Takeaways

Complete installation and provisioning process in a few minutes – not days. Intraway’s agile and flexible approach will adapt to your processes and timeframe. You will also:

Streamline Processes


Symphonica API integration with any CRM


The technician manages installation without call center support or pre-staging ONT – OLT


Facilities are received automatically with ONT auto discovery process


Automatically generated birth certificate is stored in the customer record

Assure Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction


Good signal levels required before provisioning is completed


Optional configurable customer compliance steps assure customer satisfaction

What Sets Intraway Apart

  • We make it happen: Our strength is delivering time-sensitive projects within deadlines no one else can accomplish.
  • We are not a vendor – we are a trusted partner: Through the complete service lifecycle, we work side-by-side with you towards your success.

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